Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dencio's Eastwood City - Manila Dining

If you're taking a group of friends - or your family - with you to dinner, Dencio's is the perfect place. They have big servings and an atmosphere fit for a gathering of friends. Dencio's Restaurants are located in several places all over Metro Manila (and beyond). I chose the one located at my favorite shopping complex, Eastwood City.

Dencio's Restaurant in Eastwood is a two-story restaurant. The ground floor level is styled like a pub while an AC room at the second floor has a more glam atmosphere. They also have "tuyom" in the menu, a particularly curious serving of "sea urchins" I wasn't too adventurous to try.

Click here for a photo or two of these urchins:

Though the restaurant is not exactly cheap, I loved the taste of everything and their big servings. In my last three visits since December, I have noticed a very attentive set of waiters welcoming you. They have been instructed to do so (obviously). Have their guests seated, wait for the orders and those iced tea refills, additional orders - but every time everything else is consumed, that's where they start ignoring you! After all, your bill has been totaled and all that's left to do is reach down your pockets to hand your payment, right? It's a rather funny situation when you're enjoying your dining experience so far - then when you're about to pay, they start walking past your calls - like the eye has a peripheral visual span of only 50 degrees from your central vision. They could fool others, but not someone who has taken 5 years to master visual science. Regardless of this minor quibble, food was great!

Dencio's Eastwood is owned and operated by Pancake House Inc. and is located at Unit G9-B Eastwood Citywalk 1.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Sizzling Sisig at P245 ($5.60) an order.

Adobong Kangkong (water spinach) at P125 ($2.80).

Gambas (fresh shrimps) at P265 ($6).

Boneless chicken barbecue at P140 ($3.17).

Baked mussels (tahong)

Buko Pandan at P80 ($1.80)

Garlic fried rice at P40 ($0.91).

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