Monday, January 10, 2011

MoMo Cafe at the Eastwood Mall

A few days ago, after a sumptuous meal at Dencio's in Eastwood City with a friend of mine, I thought coffee and dessert would compliment our unfinished conversation. On knee jerk reaction, I decided to check out Eastwood Mall's MoMo Cafe.

The place is hard to miss since it fronts the mall's entrance. The diner, reputed to be upmarket (since it hails from the people behind Ayala's Museum Cafe), is also known to have inattentive and snooty waitresses. The crowd wasn't there when we got in which is unusual since the place is usually packed. But we went there just for the desserts on offer - and there were plenty of cakes on display. Fortunately for us, our waiter (pictured somewhere here) was more than competent and "watchful" without being obtrusive. And service was brisk. After all, the horde of dining crowd wasn't up to show until a couple of hours more.

I liked the no-frills, bright atmosphere, allowing people to enjoy a decent, albeit animated conversation with friends. Since we were still obviously satiated from Dencio's filling food, we opted to get slices of their Brazo Limon and Cheesecake (about P170 per slice, I think - $3.90) and a couple of "tall glasses" of coffee (P150 each or $3.40).

The look of each slice of cake was piquantly salivating. When we finally dug in for a bite, the "cut" felt a little too hard; wasn't as tender as it looked. No wonder a knife was among its utensils. True enough, this wasn't food (the cheesecake) that "melts in your mouth". Brazo was tender, but it was poor choice on my part since I wasn't too fond of the lemon taste in desserts. And theirs was too sweet for my palate.

MoMo is known for their monster beef burgers and pizzas, not the desserts. That is something we look forward to next time. Two coffees and 2 slices of cakes cost us around P730 ($16.60), but for its attentive staff and wholesomely chic atmosphere, allowing me a laidback tete-a-tete with my friend. It was all worth my Asian currency.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Attentive waiter, should be promoted restaurant manager. LOL

Contact Details:

MoMo Cafe Eastwood
Eastwood Mall , Libis, Quezon City
+632 900 1006 or 1007

Bittersweet coffee a la Saigon's authentic brew.

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