Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Egg Waffles and Hong Kong Cuisine at Yo! Panda (SM Megamall)

Some prefer it with chocolate fudge and brownie chunks, others with a coterie of sweet and sour gastronomic wonders, I like it plain with sprinkles of cheese. It is crunchy enough you're being seduced to take a bit more. 

Egg waffles are popular in Hong Kong and Macau. Now they're getting to be a common sight in Manila. Yo! Panda Restaurant is a Hong Kong-styled dining place that offers "egg waffle sundaes, giant xiao long baos (steamed buns prepared in steaming bamboo baskets), cheesy noodles, Asian poutine (French fries, pork floss, mushroom gravy and cheese) and bao burgers". 

I went there for their egg waffles, egg-based spherical waffles so attractive you feel like popping them off your plate. Of course they're hollow inside. I'd return to this place for them.

If you want a heavier fare, you may try their crispy fried pork chop (below) with sunny side up organic egg, and either noodle or egg butter rice. The pork meat is very tender, and tasty, setting you back by PhP280. To be honest, while this meal is delicious, it's really just breaded pork chop - an expensive one. 

The place is modern, bright and clean; atmosphere is fastfood'ish. Seats are limited but service is brisk. 

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Bubble waffle with pork floss and cheese. This is the takeaway version at PhP 120.

Crispy fried pork chop with egg and rice (or noodle)