Sunday, May 1, 2011

Campo Agua Resort, Davao - Undiscovered Beauty and Serenity

During my trips in Davao, in the island of Mindanao in southern Philippines, my rides from the city en route Davao del Sur would always pass by a sign bearing the name "Campo Agua". It's located in Barangay Sirawan, Toril District. It is still part of Davao City, but I've never heard about it from acquaintances. And what better way to quench one's curiosity than making a visit, right?

If you're into fishing (which I am not), this is a great place. They wouldn't refer to it as "surecatch fishing adventure" for nothing. Without the hassle of going into the ocean, you can cast your reel from a chosen cottage, then patiently wait for a sure catch. You can have your catch cooked if you are happy with it. At the center of the compound is a shallow pool with playground at its center. It's a colorful place, perfect for photography aficionados. Their shower rooms are beautifully designed with yellow posts bearing shower heads; quite spacious and clean.

Grapevine whispers have mentioned Mayor Rody Duterte's (now vice mayor to his daughter) mom as the proprietress, although I wasn't able to confirm this. But a more reliable info refers to the Valderamas of Davao del Norte (supposedly in the logging business) who's the owner/proprietor.

Campo Agua is a 30 to 45 minute ride south of the city proper. Once you reach central Toril, it's 5-10 minutes further south and to the left side of the national highway. Turn left at the dirt road until you find a Talisay tree-shaded open parking. Your entrance is there. They charge PhP60 if you plan to do some swimming or have your meal in one of the cottages. Except for a mixed race couple (a mature Caucasian guy and his wife), no one else was there so I had the place pretty much to myself.

Fishing is to be had in converted fishponds, and specific areas are designated for your "fishing activities". The ponds are filled with tilapine cichlids (Tilapia, plapla, St. Peter's fish). If you're there for your gastronomic needs, there's a good selection in the menu. I like the leisurely walks along the dikes. It's a decent place to visit when all you want to do is clear your mind without spending too much. Despite proximity to the big city, the atmosphere invokes one that's far from the madding crowd.

And don't we all prefer that?

For specific queries, please google for their phone number and contact them. 

This is the Eye in the Sky!

No people, no lifeguards. I went there on a weekday.

Colorful shower posts.

For further inquiries, call +63-82-291-1666 or +63-82-299-2795. Mobile number - +63-916-7645283

Picturesque face of serenity.

The greens and the blues, and all the hues in between.

Pay your entrance here.

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thepinaysolobackpacker said...

looks like a nice resort to spend holidays with your family.
ang ganda nung lake (lake nga ba tawag dun) ang serene.
swerte ng mga pinupuntahan mung resort they get free prmotion frm a great writer! :)

eye in the sky said...

That's a very nice compliment. Thank you, gail.

Unknown said...

sana may sasagut sa phone ..

eye in the sky said...

@ Charmaine:

I am sure they've read this post... and get to read your comment as well. Cheers! :)

Unknown said...

is this near the highway? or papasok pa po talaga?

eye in the sky said...

It's near the highway, approximately a block from the turn of the road en route to the parking lot. It isn't by the roadside, but close enough. You can walk from the highway if your vehicle leaves after dropping you off.

Unknown said...

may entrance fee po ba ?
ano2 po ung mga rates ?

eye in the sky said...

Entrance is PhP60. Please call 291-1666 and 2992792 for updated rates. You may also text them at +63-916-7645283 .

Anonymous said...

Hi po..ask lng po gaano ka shallow ang pool? pambata po ba? 3 feet?

eye in the sky said...

Not even 3 feet. There's a wading pool for very young children where they can sit on the water and frolic.