Thursday, May 29, 2014

Crimson Resort and Spa - 5-Star Luxury in Mactan Island (Cebu)

Make no mistake about it. Crimson Resort and Spa is a 5-star luxury resort so if you're in a budget, steer clear! Located in an area newly named Seascapes Resort Town via Soong Road in Mactan Island, the leisure center is a Filinvest development geared for the big spenders.

It has 250 residential suites and 40 private bungalowsl The resort is framed by 3-level cascading swimming pools that head towards the sea. Unlike other resorts in Mactan, you cannot reserve days in advance. You have to call their front desk on the day of your visit to ask if there are available slots for "Day Use". This system prioritizes their members and residents, much like Pico de Loro.

Taxi rides from Cebu City can be sketchy because many taxi drivers do not know where it exactly is, owing to its wayward location and relative exclusivity. Though told that it's through Soong Road, one has to be watchful of the left turn somewhere because there are no large sign boards that lead you to it.

The area is actually near Angasil Port, but even this information doesn't help. What I've taken note is, once you're plying Soong Road, look for a billboard marked "Cobra - Tunay na Lakas: Crispy Heydell Marasa", once you see that, turn left to the nearby road, drive through a village until you find smaller signs marked "Crimson". If you're really lost, call their office and ask for directions - (63-32)-239-3900. That's the same number to call on the day of your proposed visit. For the 1-hour journey from Cebu City, prepare to pay between P250 and P300 on metered taxi.

A Day Use entrance of PhP2,000 per person includes lunch buffet, use of beach, swimming pool and a locker room for each guest. Though this may sound relatively cheaper than Moevenpick, wait till you get the total bill that includes several taxes and service charges and you will experience a fleeting bout of atrial fibrillation.

The beach front has cots and cabanas. Left side of the pool are wide futons (that could accommodate 2-3 persons per seat), one of the features of the Crimson boardwalk we liked best. There are other activities and gadgets available for a fee, of course.


Our favorite: the buffet spread at Saffron Cafe is to die for! It's open from 6 AM to 10:30 PM for the in-house guests. There's just so much choices from salads to the main course, from desserts to other special entrees. The exquisite buffet at Crimson is something to be experienced. If you've stayed in their sister company, Quest Hotel along Archbishop Reyes in Ayala, Cebu, then you know exactly what type of luxurious operation we're talking about. It's no surprise then that Crimson has won awards from Conde Nast and the World Luxury Spa Awards for their Aum Spa, voted Top 8 Hotel Spa in the World in 2013. It also has a certificate of excellence from Tripadvisor. Other restaurants in the resort includes Tempo Lounge, Azure Pool Bar and Score Sports Bar. We shall feature the buffet spread and the beach on our next post.

If you have more queries, please do not inquire here. Check out their website: or email them :

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Entrance to the resort.

One of their several shuttle buses.

Hobie Cat
Locker room requires a deposit refundable when you return the key.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Moevenpick Resort and Spa - Beach Frolic and Party Fun in Mactan Island (Cebu)

Unlike many resorts we've visited in Mactan Island, Moevenpick Resort has "controlled" their beach habitat, thus sand is well combed and fine, and there's hardly danger from sea urchins because there's minimal vegetation underwater in the area near the baywalk. The water's crystal clear. What's unusual in the resort's layout is its use of wood to gussy up the boardwalk. This stretches all the way to Ibiza Beach Club. This is perfect for those with sensitive feet because you don't have to walk on rough concrete or stone. Which other resort has wood dipping languidly into the clear blue waters?

Ibiza Beach Club is famous for their throbbing party scene at sundown, and lights illuminate the mostly white tents and furniture adorning the strip. There's a small wading pool in the club's vicinity.

The set pieces by the beach are nothing to scoff at either. There's a Mediterranean style "wedding gazebo" at the lawn facing the sea. There are a dozen cots on the sand as there are at the grassy lawn, with occasional white cabanas. Some industrial pieces are displayed on this lawn, including one curled up like a DNA helix. For some reason, more people seem to choose to frolic at the pool than the beach. I prefer the beach anytime.

Visit our previous post for more information about Moevenpick's facilities, entrance, swimming pool, etc. 

Moevenpick Resort is located about 5 minutes from the Lapu Lapu Monument, so that's your landmark in Mactan Island. The airport is 8 minutes away, and Cebu City is 45 minutes away by taxi. Call (63-32) 492-7777 for more information. Please do not inquire for more information in this blog. Call the aforementioned number or visit their website -

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Wading pool at the Ibiza Beach Club

Pieces in immaculate white.

Check out the wooden boardwalk which is very pleasant to your bare feet.

Wedding Gazebo, that's how they call this.

A booth for your water sports requirements.

Vicinity Map of Moevenpick Resort and Spa