Thursday, February 25, 2016

Kuya J's Delectable Crispy Pata

My first visit in Kuya J Restaurant was at their SM Sta. Mesa Branch, a place I rarely visit. I was trying to catch a movie that wasn't being shown elsewhere. I ordered kare kareng bagnet (PhP399), with their reinvented peanut sauce. It was okay, but nothing particularly worth a second trip. I've forgotten about it and never returned. Since then, Kuya J has sprouted all over the country, I even saw a branch in SM Seaside in Cebu City. 

About a year ago, I gave the restaurant another try - and ordered their crispy pata. The rest is history. I've been to several branches ever since. Occasionally, kang kong (water spinach) or gambas as appetizer would get in the meal. Their other dishes have small servings, and mostly unimpressive, but their crispy pata is one I'd come back for. An order has 2 sizes: a medium sized (for 2-3 persons) and a large one (for a company of 4 or 5). The skin crackles and the meat tender so when I feel like splurging a wee bit (the small order costs P500+ after all), Kuya J is an easy choice.

This is the Eye in the Sky!


Water spinach salad

Characteristic interiors of Kuya J restaurants: shelves with books render the place a homey ambiance.