Wednesday, January 19, 2011

City Life in Eastwood City - Quezon City

Eastwood City is a shopping complex filled with several malls, pedestrian walkways through mostly upmarket restaurants, and a place where showcase pooches are walked by their proud owners. It is located in eastern Quezon Area. It also hosts local showbusiness' "Walk of Fame" where most celebrities of note are given their "stars" on pavements around the leisure complex, patterned after London's Leicester Square and, even more closely, to Hollywood's 15-block segment of Hollywood Boulevard and the 3-block segment of Vine street in Los Angeles, California. Occasionally, there are more stuff on offer, like a bungee-ride where you are strapped on a harness, then as you jump off a trampoline, you make a spectacle of yourself in front of an amused crowd.

All in a day's leisure, as the Eye in the Sky witnessed.

Caucasian tourist having livid fun with his trampoline and harness.

Philippines showbusiness' "Walk of Fame". This one has Celia Rodriguez.

Respected showbiz couple on display here - action star Rudy Fernandez and dramatic actress Lorna Tolentino.

This one has Nestor de Villa and Superstar Nora Aunor. When I pointed this to my 8 year old niece, she declared, "When did she die, Tito?" It's actually sad that the country's best living actress is now largely an unfamiliar entity to a whole new generation of Filipinos.

This has Snooky Serna, et. al.

Bright and vivid colors in Eastwood nights.

Some 6 years ago, I was familiar with every new restaurant along this strip - tried every one of them. Then my scene shifted elsewhere, and I wasn't able to visit this place for the next 6 years - until last New Year.

The walkway beside the stage.

The crowd gathers to gawk at the bungee jumpers.

Buildings strewn together to make up the Eastwood city entertainment, leisure and shopping complex in east QC.

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