Thursday, February 10, 2011

NAIA Terminal 3 - Domestic Pre-Departure Shops (Updated 2018) Part 5 of 5

Victoria's Secret and MAC are open from 2AM to 8PM daily.

We've decided to update this post that features shops and services being offered by the Domestic Pre-departure area of NAIA 3, which we last updated in 2014, to provide information for the travelers. 

It's important to be aware that the predeparture area has 2 floors. Gates 130 and above have boarding gates at the lower ground floor through an escalator and elevator. 

From the security check, the shops at the left side include the following: Victoria secret, MAC, Airmall with has a Krispy Kreme booth, a Globe sim card) booth, Panda Panda, Heroes Lounge by PAGSS, Chaikofi, Cinnabon, Mrs. Fields and Tsim Sha Tsui, which has a gorgeous mural (see first photo above) for your Instagram-worthy selfies.

At the center aisle, there are booths as well: near the security check is OtterBox-certified Drop Protection booth for cell phone cases (there used to be a KASE shop which has since closed shop); Spoofs for humor shirts; Samurai Japanese food shop which sells interesting Japanese favorites like okonomiyaki, gyoza, takoyaki and sukiyakidon; Turks shawarma stall; Jamaican Pattie Shop, Ferino's Bibingka if you want a taste of Pinoy rice cakes; and Siomai King. 

Airmall and Krispy Kreme

Open from 2AM to 6PM daily.

Panda Panda offers a 2-for-1 meal. Pick 2 viands with rice for P180. With a soft drink, you're set back by P250.

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory is one of the newer shops.


Drop Protection phone cases are OtterBox-certified. In case you didn't know, OtterBox products are world renowned. OtterBox is a privately owned consumer electronics accessory company based in Fort Collins, Colorado that produces water resistant, shock resistant, and drop resistant cases for smart phones.

Humor in SPOOFS shirts

SPOOFS shirts

Samurai Japanese Food shop

Siomai King

Ferino's Bibingka shop

Watch and Fly mostly sells sunglasses and watches.

Islands Souvenirs (above and below)

National Bookstore (above and below)

KR Express

No more ice cream from Arts Cafe. The shop has closed shop.

At the right side row, the following shops can be seen: The Cocoa Tree, Bath and Body Works, Beauty to Go, Watch and Fly (which has eyeglasses); Islands Souvenirs for your souvenir shirts; Sunnies Studios booth; National Bookstore; KR (Kopiroti) Express, which sells convenience-store items; and Belgian Waffles.

There is a Money Exchange Counter near Panda Panda, open from 2AM to 6PM.

Cinnabon is beside Mrs. Field's Cafe. There's a GetGo booth near the hallway leading to the WC's. 

Pondohan sells chips and a smorgasbord of items from candies to cigarettes a la sari sari store. Rajah Maynila offers affordable rice meals like beef pares at P89, luglug at P99. They have 2 long tables (no chair beside their stall) just across gate 117. They also offer arroz caldo and Pinoy kakanins like puto, kutsinta, etc. We recommend the delicious sapin-sapin at P45 per piece.

Rajah Maynila' s delectable treats.

Foreign palates have to taste Rajah Maynila's sapin-sapin at P45 a piece.

There's a Muhlach Ensaymada stand (owned by former child actor Nino Muhlach). 

Fruitas juice bar (Fresh From Babot's Farm) if you're into fresh fruit shakes (P45 for a small glass) ; Johnn Lemon (a juice bar); a new shop called INbento; Filipino Rice Toppings has a limited number of tables serving chorizo, longganisa, tapa, chicken for their rice meals; Henlin; then Kape Manila.

You have listless tykes with you? Take them to Kiddie Travelers Lounge (KTL) that looks colorful and inviting for children 1 to 5 years of age but there are rules to follow for its use. Children and accompanying adults must wear socks inside. They cannot take bags and luggage inside. Toys cannot be taken outside the play area. Three year olds should have guardians with them. Changing diapers is not allowed inside.

Breastfeeding Station is strictly for nursing mothers and their child. Each guest is allowed to stay inside for just 30 minutes. The station has a limit of 5 nursing mothers. Strollers and luggage are not allowed inside.

There are about 5 phone charging stations scattered all over. 

For smokers, there's Stop and Fly Smoking Lounge. A relatively new shop is Feliz Comer for your "pasalubong" (gift) needs like cashew nuts, buko chocolates, polvoron, and mango tarts. Near the end of the hallway is CD-R King - they have digital accessories and those neck pillows selling for P400. Finally, there's Stress Away Massage (see rates below).

Stress Away Massage is a massage facility near Gate 120. Rates: whole body massage 1 hour - P1000; half hour - P500. Chair massage (foot, leg and scalp) for 30 minutes at P500. Gate 120 is the hallway's last gate at the extreme end.

This shop sells Filipino Rice Toppings.


Kape Manila offers hot meals which, as per experience, takes a while to prepare.

Kiddie Travelers Lounge for 1 to 5 years old - and must wear socks inside.

Lounge Regulations at the KTL.

Infant Feeding Station or Lactation Room limits to 5 lactating mothers and their child.

House rules at the Breastfeeding Station.

Feliz Comer

CD-R King has digital accessories.

Stress Away Massage

There are more shops in the vicinity of Gates 130/131 to 134 (go down the escalator to level 1 predeparture and boarding gates). 

Other shops at the ground floor level:

Army Navy Burger + Burrito, Mrs. Fields (the 2nd shop in the pre-departure area), a Nescafe Point, Siloam Day Spa, Jamba Juice and Krispy Kreme (a bigger, more proper shop). 


The chairs at the waiting area have been arranged in rows of two's with 4-chairs each. This provides more space to walk around in compared to the "cordoned" arrangement of the past. 


And just so you avoid delays, if you're taking a meal or snack at the Food Court outside, we feel we need this special mention. Avoid Mary Grace Cafe. The place is messy. The servers take forever to serve you and they forget orders.


While operations in T3 have gone full throttle, it's becoming clear that what was once a relaxing "space" is now starting to resemble a madhouse. In fact, there's hardly a space for me to wait one time I was en route to Bacolod. There were no seats available, no space to even stand for the wait.

New arrangement of the chairs near Gate 130 as of March 2014.

Army Navy Burger + Burrito is open until 6PM.

The second Mrs. Fields cookie shop in the pre-departure area.

Nescafe Point is open from 7:30AM to 8PM.

EBG Convenience Store with pricey drinks.

There are pay phone units near "Stop n Fly". These phone units accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and Amex), coins and PLDT call cards.

Cinnabon (above and below)

Mrs. Fields Cafe - beside it is the stair that leads to Gate 116.

Art's Cream Gallery has closed shop.

NAIA 3 2011 Departure Hall and Services -

Airport Terminal, Left Luggage and Viewing Gallery

Covered Parking

Pondohan stands beside the Rajah Maynila stall.

"Kape Manila" sells rice meals, and they have comfortable tables. This is located near gate 120.

For specific inquiries, here are some important telephone numbers and email addresses at T3:

Airport Trunkline+63.2.877-7888
Asst. Terminal
Lost & Found+63.2.877-7888
Bureau of Animal Industry+63.2.877-7888 loc.8238/
Bureau of Customs+63.2.877-7888 loc.8127/
Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources+63.2.877-7888 loc.8238/
Bureau of Immigration+63.2.877-7888 loc.8128/
Bureau of Plant Industry+63.2.877-7888 loc.8238/
Bureau of Quarantine+63.2.877-7888 loc.8125/
DENR Wildlife Traffic Monitoring Unit+63.2.877-7888 loc.8238/
Philippine Overseas Employment Adminnistration+63.2.877-7888
Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority+63.2.877-7888 loc.8159
Customer Relations
Passenger & Customer Relations+63.2.877-7888 loc.
Terminal Administration+63.2.877-7888 loc.
Terminal Security & Safety+63.2.877-7888 loc.