Thursday, May 12, 2011

Papa Ching's Restaurant's Sinful Serving - Davao City

One of my favorite gastronomic hangout in Davao City is a new place called Papa Ching's Restaurant. I've been there half a dozen times and their offerings are almost faultless.

Though not exactly "inexpensive", they won't break your bank either. Their specialty is the country chicken - crisp and tasty! I ordered a half chicken at P175, which isn't bad considering how much you pay now for a 2 piece Jollibee Chicken. If you expect crunchy, Papa Ching's will have you crunching away - their chicharong bulaklak at a mere PhP105 is to die for. If crispy pata is too much for the budget, try their lechon kawali at PhP260 (see photo below). We've tried their crispy kangkong (deep fried and crisp water spinach) at PhP75, a cup of soup at P45-55, their huge serving of Chopsuey at PhP145. Sodas like coke cost PhP35 a piece.

Papa Ching's Restaurant is located at 25 Lacson Street, Barangay Obrero, Tulip Drive Extension, corner Walnut, Ecoland. In short, it's just across SM Davao City (to the right of the mall).

For inquiries: you may call them at +63-82-2241703 or email at

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Update: The Ecoland branch of Papa Ching's Restaurant seems to have closed shop, which is unfortunate, BUT the good news is that they have another branch near Victoria Plaza's southern fringes. 

Lechon Kawali

Fried Chicken


Spacious, cool, clean and great food...


Ola said...

Good that I already had lunch:) The chicken looks super!

eye in the sky said...

I love the way the skin crackles oh-so deliciously in my mouth. Yummy indeed.

Trotter said...

Hi Eye! You're making me hungry... ;)

After the Blogger calamity this week, Blogtrotter Two is showing the last post on Amsterdam 2010... Enjoy and have a superb weekend!!

eye in the sky said...

I initially thought it was just me having a problem with Blogger. Twas frustrating.