Friday, April 5, 2013

Toril Landmark - Davao City Attractions

When you're plying the Davao Highway south of the city, it's hard to miss this new landmark in Toril (a district of the city) rising beside the Gaisano Mall of Toril. It features bigger-than-life sculptures of rural folk: a farmer leads his wife who complacently sits on a carabao (water buffalo); fruit and fish peddlers; a kudyapi player; and a slice of Durian, the city's most popular, albeit pungent-smelling fruit.

On cursory glance, it's easy to reference this work to the city's most prolific sculptor, Kublai Millan (a Cotabato-born, UP Diliman-schooled artist) who graces several Davao City spots with his eye-catching works: those animated indigenous tribal folk found at the People's Park (Camus Street); gigantic eagles, majestic Durian sculptures at the airport facade, etc. However, this Toril landmark seemed more faithful to the human anatomy while Millan's previous works looked more playful, accentuated even, and, well, cartoony. I could be wrong; this could still be Millan's evolving artistry. Anyone knows if this Toril landmark is indeed Milan's? I'd appreciate any information on this.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Inverted color makes an interesting image.


Twin said...

Enjoyed lots of fresh durian during my last Davao trip. But sadly, the marang I brought home were all rotten. I was so sad & frustrated :(

Unknown said...

Pretty statues. Love the vibrant colors and such interesting names. Sounds of words in another language are integral to the whole travel experience isn't it?

eye in the sky said...

@ Twin: It isn't marang season so most that you get are the substandard, "latak" variety. Come another season when marang fruits are a mere P10 per piece. :)

eye in the sky said...

@ Mom with a Dot:

I am not too happy with how the photos came through after reducing their size; they got blurred. But yes, the statues are eye-catching. Love this kind of art. :)