Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Tender Pork with Sweet and Sour Sauce and rice - $2.50 or 45,000 dong or PhP112.50, Roma Café, Hanoi . At the foreground - my enthusiastic waiter!

Dessert (Avocado juice topped with mango ice cream) – $2.60 or 45,000 dong or PhP117 and Fried Spring Rolls – $2.60 or 45,000 dong or PhP117, Klever Juice Cafe , Hanoi

In many parts of the world, the quality of food is almost always directly proportional to its worth (or price). Mas masarap, mas mahal. That’s why food doesn’t constitute a big chunk when I plan for my travel budget. As long as I get to eat, I am fine. However with my last visits to Vietnam, my perception has completely changed. Delicious food in Vietnam is cheap! Even their veggie meals are mouth-watering. Laos wasn’t bad either. Asia is truly a gastronomic haven!

This is the Eye in the Sky!

A noodle soup at a Namphao (Laos) border shop - $1 or 8,000 kip with Coke in can – $0.60 or 5,000 kip, tindahan sa Namphao

Chicken Fried Rice - $1.87 or 15,000 kip with Iced Lemon Juice - $1 or 8,000 kip and Pepsi - $0.50 or 4,000 kip, Butterfly Restaurant, North Bus Station, Vientiane

Beef steak – I think it’s 25,000 kip. Beautifully prepared. Butterfly Restaurant, North Bus Station, Vientiane

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Margarita Mirasol said...

Your travels are awesome. Love how you give the prices for everything. I do that too.
Oh, a stray cat is choking. Gotta go save it.
p.s Love Hanoi. I was once gonna give up my entire life in Japan to move there. Loved going home from clubs late at night in a rickshaw, empty streets, rain, silence, woosh of wheels on still choking, gotta go...............
p.s get rid of word verification. It sucks and is pointless. It is awful.

eye in the sky said...

Hahaha! I'll get rid of it if I have an idea what it is! Thank you for describing something associated with my blogs as "pointless, awful...and it sucks". And thanks for gracing my space with your visit. Now I am inspired! LOL - did I say you are funny? can't wait to read your thoughts on turkey...

eye in the sky said...

had to find out about word verification to remove that which is awful and pointless. got it. thanks for your suggestion.

escape said...

food trippin!!! the best!

eye in the sky said...

masarap kumain eh. besides, pag wala kang kasama sa table, it's better to take photos of your food. :->