Sunday, February 19, 2017

Restaurant Wang's Chifa Gastronomy, Cuzco-Style (Peru)

A day after doing Machu Picchu (MP), I was leaving for a day out from Cuzco, this UNESCO heritage city, but I haven't had breakfast yet. It was 10 AM already so I knew I had to eat first. I asked my driver to take me somewhere good but cheap. Maybe "chifa", Chinese? So he did. "It's a local shop locals order their take out from," he spoke in Spanish. Looking at the door, I wasn't so sure. The place looked rundown. Inside, the place was being refurbished.


I was alone because it wasn't quite time for lunch yet, even for take outs. I decided I wanted something familiar so I ordered "chaufa con pollo" - and if you're familiar with the word "chowfan", this is it. Fried rice with chicken. To my surprise, a noodle soup was served first. I didn't order it. Since there was no one there but me, I knew it was being served to me. Then my order came. Yum! It felt like being in the Philippines although I was at the other side of the world. The meal cost me roughly 10 Peruvian soles, one of my cheapest meals in South America.

I  was ready to explore the Sacred Cities.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Chaufa con Pollo

My complimentary noodle soup.

Locals as regular customers

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