Saturday, February 4, 2017

By the Day, By the Bay in Subic Bay (Zambales)

I love lighthouses, so the sight of one along the promenade is a welcome activity. A week after my Subic visit, I saw the same view figuring prominently in a Star Cinema movie, the action-comedy, "Extra Service". 

There isn't much to do in Subic Bay, but relax, take the fresh breeze in from the sea; maybe a dip in one of the pools; shop, eat, eat again, and catch a few winks. I loved Malawaan Park in the daytime. The trees look huge, like they've been permanent residents for decades, their canopy outstretched sideways and above. If you can't wear your hair down in Subic, then someone requires medication. Kidding aside, when the doctor prescribed fresh air, he meant Subic... and maybe, well, Palawan too. And a hundred other beaches in the country?

I passed by Subic Park Hotel, owned by Miss International Kylie Versoza's grandparents. It isn't hearsay. You see that huge tarpaulin congratulating their "apo". Awww. I also saw Texas Joe's, which is Tripadvisor's number one restaurant in Subic. If you're craving for steaks, this is the place to be. Pricier than Meat-Plus, but hey, it's number one. It calls the shots, so to speak.

I walked from the beach front near Malawaan Park up to Lighthouse Resort. I think this is the length of the assigned boardwalk. By that time, the sun was in full solar power, but there were taxis passing by every 5-10 minutes. Flat rate of P50 from point to point. And I felt like just lying down my bed in full AC splendor. Suddenly, arctic conditions didn't sound so bad.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Malawaan Park

Texas Joe's, Subic's numero uno.

Subic Park Hotel

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