Thursday, February 16, 2017

Purple Oven - Of Secrets and Sinful Desserts

"I was told that these are sought after cakes," my brother told me, as though he was revealing a much guarded trade secret. And that they're not easily available, he continued. That intrigued me so I had to read up to learn about Purple Oven. Where have I been all these years? I wasn't even aware of this bakeshop which serves some of the best desserts in the metropolis. They have a shop in Oranbo, Pasig; others in San Antonio and Legaspi Village and Quezon City. 

Their cakes run out fast and they allegedly don't accept credit cards. But here's the not-so-secret info that most internet articles whisper regarding this bakeshop: they supply the cakes and pastries of all Starbucks (those banoffees, etc.) and Pancake House outlets. They probably have legal obligation to deny this, but google them up and everyone talks about this secret. A box of these pastry bars has either 16 or 32 pieces of sweets - the former costs around P260 per box. My favorite is easily the lemon tortes I couldn't stop myself from consuming one piece after the next. Just sinful.

Their cakes are pricier, with a whole piece setting you back by P780 or thereabouts.

If you haven't tried, here's my two-thumb recommendation!

This is the Eye in the Sky!

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