Monday, January 30, 2017

Sunset Walk Along Subic Bay's Boardwalk (Zambales)

Sunsets in Subic are golden. The sheen and hue of the sun infect like a virulent strain of joy. I have been here several times, but this is the first time I wasn't in any rush. The beach promenade, aptly called boardwalk by the freeport zone, is gorgeous and nothing too fancy. In this area, near Mansion Garden Hotel, there's less commerce, which I prefer. 

From the hotel, it's a 3 to 4 blocks of stroll to this spectacular sunset viewpoint, passing through tree-lined Malawaan Park. Huge ships are found docked nearby. There's a tourist-friendly "Subic Bay" letter display near the breakwater. There are statues and hand-casts of politicians. I saw Meat Plus Cafe. The Reef Hotel and Residences have their highly rated Pirates Bistro. There are a couple of Duty-Free Shops beside Mansion Garden Hotel, and a Mini Stop beside the hotel. There's also a 7-11 nearby. 

In this strip of the boardwalk, people are more laidback compared to the more commercial area about a kilometer or two from here. I could just sit and watch the sun disappear into the mountain horizon. It's moments like these that are more precious than a checklist of sites to see. However, seeing some establishments closed shop, like the once-popular Legenda Hotel, makes me wistful. Like this beautiful day, there are ends to things that are transient.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Malawaan Park

Pirates Bistro (above and below)

Since this is duty-free zone, Vietnamese Coffee is available.

Meat Plus Cafe

Mansion Garden Hotel

My Mommy's House of Kare Kare

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