Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Naga City - Allure of the Baywalk's St. Francis Ocean Park

Cebu's Naga City doesn't have heritage houses. Furthermore, St. Francis de Assisi Church seems left to crumble. But if there's one thing Naga can be proud of, it's the construction of St. Francis Ocean Park, a scenic seaside promenade fronting Cebu Strait. Located just at the back of the City Hall and the Public Plaza, the promenade provides vistas of the eastern sea. North and westward, you see the verdant mountain ranges. Unlike Danao's promenade, people can actually sit by the bayside walls.

In the vicinity, there's a stage used for town activities. There are restaurants (like the ship-shaped "D' Ark Garden") and some smaller "tindahan" (store) selling food - I got myself one of the cheapest meals I've had in Cebu: a Batchoy soup, 2 pieces of "puso" (rice cooked in coconut leaves) and two pieces of siomai, all for just PhP50 (see below). Delicious!

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Former Mayor Ferdinand "Enan" Mendiola Chiong (1998-2007)

Mayor Chiong's younger brother Valdemar is now the Mayor of Naga City (as of this writing).

Picnic ground

Picnic Site

D' Ark Garden Restaurant

Batchoy soup



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