Monday, May 26, 2014

Moevenpick Resort and Spa - Beach Frolic and Party Fun in Mactan Island (Cebu)

Unlike many resorts we've visited in Mactan Island, Moevenpick Resort has "controlled" their beach habitat, thus sand is well combed and fine, and there's hardly danger from sea urchins because there's minimal vegetation underwater in the area near the baywalk. The water's crystal clear. What's unusual in the resort's layout is its use of wood to gussy up the boardwalk. This stretches all the way to Ibiza Beach Club. This is perfect for those with sensitive feet because you don't have to walk on rough concrete or stone. Which other resort has wood dipping languidly into the clear blue waters?

Ibiza Beach Club is famous for their throbbing party scene at sundown, and lights illuminate the mostly white tents and furniture adorning the strip. There's a small wading pool in the club's vicinity.

The set pieces by the beach are nothing to scoff at either. There's a Mediterranean style "wedding gazebo" at the lawn facing the sea. There are a dozen cots on the sand as there are at the grassy lawn, with occasional white cabanas. Some industrial pieces are displayed on this lawn, including one curled up like a DNA helix. For some reason, more people seem to choose to frolic at the pool than the beach. I prefer the beach anytime.

Visit our previous post for more information about Moevenpick's facilities, entrance, swimming pool, etc. 

Moevenpick Resort is located about 5 minutes from the Lapu Lapu Monument, so that's your landmark in Mactan Island. The airport is 8 minutes away, and Cebu City is 45 minutes away by taxi. Call (63-32) 492-7777 for more information. Please do not inquire for more information in this blog. Call the aforementioned number or visit their website -

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Wading pool at the Ibiza Beach Club

Pieces in immaculate white.

Check out the wooden boardwalk which is very pleasant to your bare feet.

Wedding Gazebo, that's how they call this.

A booth for your water sports requirements.

Vicinity Map of Moevenpick Resort and Spa

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