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Maribago Bluewater Resort - Beach and Alegrado Island (Cebu Province)

There's plenty to enjoy in Maribago Bluewater Resort. The beach has fine white sand and the cove-like formation owing to the nearby Alegrado Island gives the place an "exclusive" feel. It's relatively more expensive than say, Cebu Beach Club, but cheaper than Crimson Resort or Moevenpick Resort, all operating in Mactan. In fact, the resort, according to our boat lady doesn't really have a low season. Taiwanese and Koreans continuously pour into their shores.

We're reprinting what we've written from our previous post, so here goes. The resort is divided in 4 areas: the Garden Wing where the restaurant and the pool are; the Amuma Spa Wing which has its own pool (and which you might not see if you' re not into resort massages and spa treatments); the Beach Wing, and, finally, Alegrado Island, a sand bar/island situated right across the beach front, accessible by wading through the lagoon.

This lagoon is actually shared by other beachside properties and opens into the ocean, thus sea elements can find their way into this enclave.


Unfortunately, this includes sea urchins and jelly fish which are endemic all over the Cebu peninsula. While some resorts are successful in "weeding out" these pest off their beaches, some aren't. After all, it's hard to hinder nature. 

The water in these beaches is crystal clear (see photos below) so you can visualize what's at the bottom. But the sea bed is teeming with sea vegetation so exercise caution when persisting to walk, like I did on my way to the island. While making my way back to the beach, a staff started frantically waving his hand, stopping me from crossing the water on foot. I froze, of course. You see, I was just following a Caucasian girl who did the same.

Minutes later, a boat was sent to fetch me, taking me back to the beach - at no extra cost! I was of course grateful. Imagine such affliction if I got stung by urchins? I've had the misfortune with a jelly fish in Palawan, and urchins seem a grave, excruciatingly painful experience.


Alegrado Island gives this resort an extra-punch because which other nearby resort can offer you an extra-island experience? You have to wade through water to get to the island. Just 10 minutes and you're there, but as I've mentioned earlier, you have to be careful you're not stepping on sea urchins. To be on the safe side, ask for a boat to take you there. On my way back, I got mine for free.

From the island, you can see the open sea. There's lush sea vegetation all around and if this doesn't signify a healthy ecosystem, I don't know what would. Alegrado Island has a few gazebos/huts and a refreshment bar. Maribago's beach has Sunset Cove Restaurant although it doesn't seem operational between meal time. 

This is the Eye in the Sky!

The "Gazebo" for those who want their massage beside the beach.

I was following this girl walking her way to Alegrado Island. They didn't stop her.

Walk on water and this lush vegetation. Sea urchins alert!

This cove is shared by Maribago and the other resorts in the area.

Alegrado Island

A refreshment bar at Alegrado Island.

The open seas from Alegrado Island.
The view of Maribago from Alegrado Island. Sunset Cove Restaurant is seen at the right.

Siblings waddling in the shallow waters, waiting for their father and other brother.

They wait... Check out the abundance of marine plants in this area.

Dad arrives and they leave.

The boat that came to fetch me from Alegrado Island.

Manang, my boat lady, had stories to tell.

Gentle ripples as we navigate the short distance between Alegrado Island and Maribago.


The resort's day tour rate is PhP1,450 per person and includes lunch buffet from 8 AM to 5 PM. Night tours is PhP1,650 per person from 1 PM to 9 PM.. Weekend rates and holidays - PhP1,750 (day time) and PhP2,050 (night time). These meals include one round of iced tea. If you want to maximize your stay, get the day time rates because you get to stay an hour longer.

Visit their website for more information. http://www.bluewatermaribago.com.ph/ For reservations, call (63-32) 492-0100 or 232-5411. Email them - banquet.maribago@bluewater.com.ph. Please do not inquire for other details here! Check out their website or call their office.

Vicinity Map of Maribago Bluewaters Resort

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