Friday, January 27, 2017

Great Pork Chop Meals at the Garden Cafe, Mansion Garden Hotel (Subic Bay, Zambales)

We try to avoid repeat dining in hotel restaurants so we can experience a variety of gastronomy in the places we visit. But I was hungry and was feeling lazy to roam just yet. I needed to fuel up before I can do that. After all, the hotel's surroundings has duty-free shops, walk-worthy streets, the comely and tree-filled Malawaan Park, a charming boardwalk and beach promenade, and a lighthouse nearby. I need energy before I could roam... so I opted to have my mid-afternoon lunch at the Garden Cafe.

Garden Cafe's grilled pork chop marinated in age-old "secret" sauce

The interiors sparkle with elegant design, mirrors, and adequate use of natural light. I liked that. There was no scrimping of space as well. Much of the place feels breezy and laidback, with very attentive waiters.

Meals at Mansion Garden Hotel's Garden Cafe don't exactly come cheap. Some of their least expensive entrees are their pasta dishes (Spaghetti at PhP140, Penne Pasta at PhP140, Garlic Prawn Fettuccine at PhP220). Their main dishes: their house specialty Pork Chop and Home Style Fried Chicken at PhP200 each; Oriental Beef Steak at PhP240; Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet at PhP260 and Pan Fried Salmon at PhP380. Canned drinks (Coke) costs PhP50 and Iced Tea (glass) costs PhP30. 

Are they any good? Yes, they are. Their pork chop is one of the best we've ever tasted, and that isn't saying lightly.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Sweet and sour fish fillet

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Ola said...

I like the interiors, they are nice indeed!