Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Meat-Plus Cafe's Most Mouth-Watering Steaks (Subic Bay, Zambales)

People keep saying that a Subic visit isn't complete without visiting Meat Plus Cafe. That didn't seem very appropriate, to be honest. But I wanted to try Meat-Plus anyway.

While walking around, I was eyeing the cafe all day. The place was eternally packed. It looked like a fastfood chain. You place your orders and pay at the counter. Then they bring your food to your table. Simple. Each order, mostly costs between PhP250 and 300. A party of 6 cost me PhP2100 so you have to realize that it isn't the cheapest. But great food doesn't exactly come cheap. Most orders come as set meals, with rice and a vegetable salad (coleslaw). We didn't even have to wait very long - just 15-minutes.

In this post, we're featuring Baby Back Ribs with its very special gravy (because there's nothing else like it), tenderloin steak and pork chop that's so delicious, it tastes even better than nearby Mansion Garden Hotel's Garden Cafe's pork chop (which is the hotel's house special - at it really tastes good). The meat was so tender, you don't require brute force to slice through it. 

If you haven't tried Subic's Meat Plus, drop in and give it a try. It will definitely enrich your Subic experience. Now that's the more appropriate statement.

Meat-Plus Cafe is located at 65 Sampson Road in Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales (047-252-7091). It's in the vicinity of a couple of duty-free shops, the beach promenade and Mansion Garden Hotel.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Baby back ribs (above and below)

Pork chop

Tenderloin steak (above and below)

Order counter

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