Thursday, April 23, 2015

Visayan Contemporary Art at "Kadaugan sa Mactan" Exhibit

Raul Agas' acrylic painting, "Magellan's Cross" is worth PhP17,000.

I thought I lost these files but found them while cleaning up my inbox. These were supposed to have been posted a while back but it isn't too late. These paintings have somehow been captured for posterity. Unfortunately, I've misplaced my notes so pardon me if I'm unable to label some of the paintings. They were on display at an exhibit called "Kadaugan sa Mactan" (Victory in Mactan) in Mactan Cebu International International Airport, Cebu. You can't deny richness of local color, and the immense talent behind each work.

 This is the Eye in the Sky!

An impression on Pedro Calungsod, the Philippines' second saint.

John Dinglasa's watercolor, "Samboan Impression" is worth PhP8,000.

John Dinglasa's pen-and-ink "Demands of Life" is priced at PhP12,000.

Raul Agas' acrylic work, "A Scene from Argao" is worth PhP18,000.

Raul Agas' "Pier Series" costs PhP19,000.

Julbert Maranon's oil painting "String Option" fetches a price of PhP50,000. 

A quiet corner at Mactan Airport's predeparture area.


Sherry Ellis said...

I really like the textured look of Raul Agas's work. Very nice!

eye in the sky said...

Yes, the paint job seem like blotches made into images. :)

Unknown said...

When did Raul Agas paint Magellan's Cross?

eye in the sky said...

No idea.

Unknown said...

What is the reason behind John Dinglasa's paintings?

Unknown said...

Wow amazing paintings

Unknown said...

I've never seen this before, so beautiful 😍.


Anonymous said...