Saturday, April 4, 2015

Get Scared Stiff at the Crown Regency (Cebu City)

You're either stoked with excitement. Or with fear. A little or a lot of both. Either way, there won't be any yawning involved. Adrenaline diminishes that possibility. This is the place.

They call it the Sky Extreme Adventure at the Crown Regency, one of Cebu's tallest buildings, with 40 stories of luxurious rooms. The adventure has several variants and "combos" to enjoy, but hanging and sliding down between buildings will give the most thrill. A visiting guest tried three, including the one on picture (above), the Sky Walk and the Edge Coaster (where you ride a coaster seat at the edge of the building and they tilt you). I went to accompany her. For a minimal fee (I think it was PhP250 as spectator), you don't have to do anything. I was happy to enjoy the view of Cebu and Fuente Osmena down below.

Sky Extreme Adventure has 4 combination rides, priced between PhP600 to PhP2,400 ($13.50 to $54). The place gets packed on weekends where rides start at 10 AM to 6 PM. Monday to Friday rides open at 2 PM, then there's the 12 midnight ride for the night view.

The Edge Coaster will have you sitting at the edge of the building, then this seat contraption tilts you hanging down. The Sky Walk will have you walking around at the edge of the building. Then there's the zip line, sliding you through from one tower to the other. And there's the Paramount Climbing said to be the world's first climbing wall placed atop a 40story building, placed 468 feet from the ground. This 32-foot climbing wall is designed to make you feel as though you're climbing a real mountain, with wind blowing by. The Paramount allows 7 climbers at a time.

Crown Regency Hotel is located along Jones (Osmena Boulevard) near Fuente Osmena Circle in Cebu City. For more information, call (6332) 418-7777. Visit their website @

I also realized belatedly that the place hosts what's touted as Cebu's first ever 6D Theater. It's open daily from 10AM to 10 PM. Six D? What the...?

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Sky Walk with scared Japanese guys.

Rail tracks of the Edge Coaster.

Tilting away

Hang down this line and get reeled in from one tower to the next.

Lobby of the Extreme Adventure rides.

Lobby of Sky Walk.

Sky Extreme Adventure's main lobby where you purchase tickets. There are 4 combination of adventures to choose from. For six hundred bucks, you can get your altitude adventure fix. Otherwise, sit it out for an awe-inspiring view of the whole Cebu City and beyond.


Trotter said...

Hi Eye!
Too much adrenaline here...
Hope you are having a great time! Sorry for the long absence, but it was a harsh 2014...
Anyhow, enjoy the second half of my post on Valencia, Spain, with some old buildings around!
Wish you a great Easter and all the best!

eye in the sky said...

Hey Trotter. Nice hearing from you, my friend. Hope all is well that side of the world. :)

Freedom said...

Ahhhh the memories :) Thanks again for taking me! Hope you have been well?

eye in the sky said...

Thank you. It was a lot of fun, looking back. It's all work for me right now. Too much going on. Otherwise I won't be able to travel. Went To Brazil and Peru last November/December. Hope Malaysia is treating you well. The location allows for hundreds of short adventures from that part of Asia. Hope you're enjoying your stay there.