Friday, April 10, 2015

Killer Views at Capitol Central Hotel and Suites (Cebu City)

Capitol Central Hotel and Suites brim with a lot of promise. Its location alone makes is more than considerable, with an location midway between Ayala Mall and the commercial-leisure hum of Mango Avenue. Osmena Boulevard (Jones) is also just a hop away. On a mild morning, your breakfast atmosphere turns more ideal when you get to their restaurant. Along with your morning sustenance, tocino meal in my case (inclusive of my booking), you're "served" breathtaking views of the city.

Capitol is relatively new so you'd expect birthing pains, and this is quite evident. The rooms are either too small (for standard) - or really spacious for double. In fact, it pays to shell out just a wee bit more to enjoy "a lot more space". Otherwise, it's going to be cramped.

My room had all the space, with its queen bed. There's a small refrigerator placed too far from the socket which wasn't exactly ready for use (it was a three-prong electric plug, while the outlet was meant for a two-prong). I could have asked for an extension cord but I hate being too needy so I decided to buy: 1) an extension cord for my laptop (outlet is too far from the desk); 2) adaptor for the ref's plug. There's LCD cable TV. The bed has fresh but rather thin sheets, comfy bed and a sizable bathroom. If you use your AC, you will eventually require more than those well placed sheets, which is rather inconvenient when you're trying to recharge after a day's hectic schedule. I'd say, a comfortable bed and its sheets and pillows should be well provided more than a ref. These are basic items in a lodging, cheap or otherwise.

The front desk staff is more than amiable, and check-in formality is fast. There's not much of a lobby to linger in, but for a couch where you could wait for a taxi. Outside the building is the busy Escario Street, a major thoroughfare that heads towards the oppsite directions of Jones and Gorordo. Having said that, there are jeepneys and multicabs darting through the streets. This area almost never sleeps at night, with restaurants scattered all over. At certain times, it may be difficult to hail a cab, but ask the door man to secure you one while you wait inside.

The hotel has a lift and 48 rooms spread on 6 floors. It opened in 2013 and enjoys good occupancy, you'd need advance bookings to ensure an available room.

After my stay, I vowed not to come back soon. That was early 2014. Maybe in one more year, they'd have figured a way to allow smoother stays for their guests. Maybe I won't need to buy an extension cord and an adaptor to use their ref? And  they have one the city's best wifi connections (like M Citi Suites). Moreover, if you're into awe-inspiring morning views during breakfast, this is the place for you - aside from the fact that they're one of the newest and most affordable.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Cebu Provincial  Capitol from the hotel - and the green mountains beyond.

Comfortable bed but really thin bed sheets.

A long desk. If you draw the curtain, you have a view of Escario Street, the area's main road. If you place your laptop here, there is no electrical outlet nearby. But wifi is very fast. 

Watching a documentary about Malta.

Ref beside my bed. The outlet is at the other side of the bed.

Painting in my room.

Best Western Hotel from my room

Multicabs plying Escario Street.
Tocino is "bacon" in Spanish but it's far from being one in its Philippine preparation. It's made from pork fatback, a sweetened cured pork  traditionally served for breakfast in the Philippines, though it has different variations all over the Hispanic communities. On this plate, the whole package is called "tocilog" (which stands for tocino, sinangag or fried rice and itlog or fried egg). Rice in this plate looks plain/boiled, not fried/sinangag.

The lobby.

For more information, visit their Facebook page @ or call them at (6332) 253-8000.


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