Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Scenes from a Breakfast Table (Bayfront Hotel, Cebu City)

Scene 1:

American guy, 50's, randomly picking his morning food at the breakfast buffet oblivious to the queue of locals, Koreans and mostly geriatric Germans and Americans in the room. Each food is understandably provided its own serving spoon. But he seems unaware. He uses the same serving spoon to pick his succeeding food. Morsels and bits and pieces of rice, egg, corned beef, fried fish, adobo sauce all end up in each food. Then he leaves the serving spoon, standing erect, in the middle of his very last dish! Hmmm. Classy. A statement of his virility? Or of something more basic like table manners? I learn something every day. Thanks to Mr. America.

Scene 2:

A Visayan family is seated beside me at the same breakfast.

Child (9'ish): Mom, what's U.K.?
Woman: United Kingdom, dong.
Child: What's E.U.?
Woman: (Stops to think) Eu...Yu...yu... U-kraine!

I dropped my spoon. She was dead serious.


My first morning, I had to sit by the lounge chair instead of a proper dining table because there was none available for one. Yes, they have the tendency of being not able to accommodate all their in-house guests due to sheer volume. As if that wasn't enough, the girl had to ask me again what room I was staying, doubting in her extra-limited mind if I was indeed a guest, or a gate-crasher who free loads off their food. How easily she forgets that I handed her my breakfast coupon. It annoys the heck out of me. And if their excuse is "just doing their job", then work harder because obviously, you're amiss. Stop annoying your paying guests.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Day 1 breakfast

Day 2 breakfast


Cafe Breeze is open between 6AM and 10PM. Breakfast buffet is open until 10AM. Get your breakfast coupon from the front desk. Lunch buffet is between 12 noon to 3PM. Dinner buffet is between 6 PM to 9 PM.


Sherry Ellis said...

It is rather annoying when somebody uses the same serving spoon for all the dishes. In my opinion, I think that's just being lazy.

eye in the sky said...

Agree. And being inconsiderate too as much as a case of manners or the lack of it. :)