Saturday, April 18, 2015

Quest Hotel - Modern Elegance Abound (Accommodation in Cebu City)

One look at the bed in my room and you'd know I'm somewhere conjured as special. Quest Hotel, along Archbishop Reyes in Cebu's Ayala Center, is indeed a cut from the street's row of hotels. Entrance to the lobby alone has a squadron of barong-garbed security men enough to guard the French president. The lobby has several corners of sophisticated nooks that lead to an imposing front desk.

The room itself is spacious, laid with duvet as comfortable as your second skin. It's plush and classy, with white headboards that look like piled up pillow panels. There are lamps all around; a floral gray headress, complemented by dark gray carpeting. There's a long desk where you could work with your laptop comfortably and the corresponding fast wifi connection. In fact, everything about Quest is agreeable.

There's a pool somewhere in mid-highrise, designed with submerged stools when you feel like lounging in the pool. It's as though you're somewhere beside the beach - but then the management knows about their "beach hotels", as they seem to be associated with Mactan's Crimson Resort. An Agoda booking has options to include buffet breakfast. Otherwise, you can shell out PhP450 if it's not included in your booking. Tune Hotel nearby thrusts their guests to grab their upscale breakfast here for the aforementioned price. Quest costs more than your average hotel, but you absolutely understand why. You see and experience this elegance everywhere. I've limited photos for this stay because I didn't have my Cannon camera or iPhone during my visit, but my Blackberry camera would suffice.

Quest Hotel has 427 rooms spread on 10 luxurious floors. It was built in 2012. Visit their website at for more information. You may also call them at (63-32) 4025-999  or 4025-986 or email them at cebuinfo@questhotels. com.

There's a constant queue of taxis just outside, but then if you're into inexpensive local commute, there's a jeepney (multicab) terminal just across the street where Ayala Mall beckons. There is a multitude of restaurants at the Terraces as well, and the adjacent areas.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

The view from my room.

The beach culture is alive at Quest Hotel. Very few people actually come to take a dip and their poolside cafe is mostly unmanned.

Quest Hotel taken from Ayala Mall.


Sherry Ellis said...

That's a really nice pool. I'd be swimming in it, especially if I had it all to myself!

eye in the sky said...

I did wonder about that. Why hardly anyone's using this inviting pool. :)

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello greetings and good wishes.

Lovely hotel with excellent amenities.

Best wishes

eye in the sky said...

Yes, it's one of city's best hotels.