Monday, March 16, 2015

Villa Carmelita In-Land Resort and Hostel - Beating the Summer Heat (Davao City)

Davao City scorches from late March to early June. During the succeeding summer holiday, what better way to spend your lazy days than lounging in pools, if beaches are too much of a production number to arrange. Just grab your towel and swimming outfit, and head straight to take a dip. One such no-frills place to check out is Villa Carmelita In-Land Resort and Hostel.

The pool area opened in 2009. Two years later, a three-story building rose beside it, offering 21 rooms for accommodation priced between PhP1,500 (for standard rooms) and PhP2,800 (for family rooms). Other than this, the focal point for leisure is the expansive swimming pool with 4 depth-varieties (as I observed) marked at different corners (10 feet, 3 feet, etc.) The kiddie pool by the corner has a slide, and there are tables and chairs scattered at each side of the compound.

Usual public pool etiquette applies, like showering before taking a dip; T-shirts, maong and cotton garments aren't allowed when swimming; Inebriated fellows as well aren't welcome; Personal flotation device needs to be cleared by management. No eating and drinking at the pool. Remember, this is Davao City where public smoking will get you in trouble. There's a lifeguard manning the swimming premises and a security guard at the ticket entrance.

Entry costs PhP100 ($2.25) for adults and PhP80 ($1.80) for children between 2-10 years old. There's a corkage fee for those taking in food: PhP40 for food and PhP20 for beverages. The resort is open daily and closes at 10 PM. It's located along 14 McArthur Highway in Toril, Davao City. If you're traveling from the city center, it'd take 30-45 minutes to get there, considering the ridiculous speed limits being implemented in this turtle-paced metropolis. For more information, please call (63-82) 295-2688. Please do not ask this blog for reservations and bookings as we're not in any way connected with the resort. Go call them.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Ticket booth

Parking space at the entrance.


Ramakrishnan said...

The pool looks very inviting. Why is it deserted ?

eye in the sky said...

There were few people there because I was there on a Tuesday after lunch, and there's still school for children. Summer vacation in the Philippines starts between this week and 2 weeks hence so I was there earlier than the usual rush of the crowd. :)

Ankita said...

the pool rocks! awesome pics :D

eye in the sky said...

Thanks, Ankita. :)