Monday, March 2, 2015

National Museum of the Filipino People - Chronicles of a Nation Part 2

In this 2nd part of our post on the National Museum of the Filipino People located in the Rizal Park compound, pre-Hispanic instruments are on display in one section of the museum. In another, the museum lists down the Philippines' indigenous groups: 49 clans! What's note-worthy is the further subdivision of the Manobo into 19 other sub-groups.

Another section has been clumped together as "Archaeological Treasures". A series of jar covers resemble head of tribesmen. There's a section of odd-looking animals, as well as fashion garments in another area (which look like set pieces in a futuristic movie). Weaving instruments are also on display elsewhere. An Ifugao house in upland Mountain Province has a miniature sample. There are pre-Hispanic musical instruments used in revelries and rituals. There are stuffed animals as well, though for the moment they remain unlabeled (lost my notes).

I guess the past really makes a people. It sculpts us into our contemporary selves - so all of these historical glimpse reflect how or what we are today.

For general information about the museum, please visit our previous post.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Didn't I say I've this fascination with hallways?

One of my favorite rooms mostly because it's like being part of a futuristic set because of the uniformly white garments that seem to float in midair and the minimalistic design of the room.

Farming and household implements.

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Lapu Lapu's giant statue is seen from this window.

You may want to check out the National Art Gallery as well:


Sherry Ellis said...

Nice to see these pictures, too. Were those hammocks being woven in the picture? I know when I went to Mexico, hammock that looked like those were everywhere.

eye in the sky said...

Now that you mentioned it, they do look like hammocks. They're actually textiles which are sold once completed. They're turned into blouses and skirts.