Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Eduardo's Peri Peri Fried Chicken at the SM Light Mall

I shall forever be curious and excited visiting new places, restaurants and malls included. New is fresh. New is garnishing life and opens up to new possibilities. After visiting the sparkling Light Mall a few days ago, we've finally decided to check out "Eduardo's Peri-Peri Flame Grilled Chicken" located at the 2nd level of the new SM Mall.

We've tried a "peri peri" chicken from a restaurant in Davao City before so this wouldn't be my first time. However, this could provide a point of comparison.

"Peri Peri" is derived from a Swahili word, "Pili pili" which means "peppery or spicy chili". But since we've set our eyes on their baby back ribs, we ordered the half slabs (@ PhP149) this time. The chicken can wait. Since the baby back comes without any garnishing (not even a side salad, it badly needed a "companion"), we ordered their Portuguese Paella at PhP169 a plate (good for 2 persons). The smaller paella plate will set you back by PhP149.

The slab was huge, it filled the plate. It wasn't as tender as I'd like it to be but it was decidedly tasty. As for the paella, it could stand on its own; what with strips of chicken meat strewn across the plate. To cap this dinner, I ordered the "Egg Custard" that looked sinful. This was a sponge cake topped with caramel custard, and was surely one of the most delightful dessert we've tasted this season. It's defined by a sweetness that doesn't overstay on the palate. In fact, you tend to want "more" of it. This meant I'd have to come back here for their Portuguese chicken - and another serving of Eduardo's custard cake.

One thing that needed improving was their baffling lack of beverage. They may have soft drinks but can't even provide their diet varieties. No juices nor cold coffees that were otherwise listed on their menu either. Too early in the game to have very limited drinks. Water, please.

Eduardo's has another branch at #9 West Avenue, Quezon City. But the new branch is located at the 2nd floor of SM Light Mall, Edsa corner Madison Street, in Mandaluyong City. It should be one of the reasons to visit this rather intimate "mall" for that singular gastronomic experience.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Baby back Ribs, half slab at PhP149.

On our second visit, this was how our baby back ribs went. Now doesn't this look better with a little greeny garnishing? Still, it'd even be a better presentation with a side dish. A vegie maybe, corn and carrot?

Portuguese paella good for two at PhP179

Egg Custard @ PhP90. This is probably one of the most delicious desserts available at the Light Mall.

On my second visit, I've finally tried their Peri Peri Chicken which tastes as delectable as it looks. I was initially concerned about its "spiciness" (being a peri peri) but this was just done right, with chili flavor that seduces but doesn't overwhelm.

There's actually more space here than at next door's Chef Pau's Pugon Roast Chicken.


Ramakrishnan said...

You have an eye for delicious food. Hope you had a satisfying lunch at this exotic restaurant !

eye in the sky said...

Thanks, Ram. It was an interesting visit.

Sherry Ellis said...

The ribs look delicious! I don't think I've ever had egg custard. At least not anything that looked like your picture.

eye in the sky said...

The egg custard is a favorite.

Unknown said...

I tasted their amazingly cookd chicken

eye in the sky said...

Which is one reason for me to come back for a second visit. :)