Saturday, March 28, 2015

Nightime @ Fuente Osmena Circle (Cebu City)

Valentines Day in Manila moves in a frenzy you'd want to just stay home and hibernate until all the revelry has ebbed down. Thank heavens I was in Cebu City last February 14th and the experience was more pleasant.

For this special occasion, I saw Fuente Osmena Circle (Fuente Osmena Park) all dolled up with its squirting fountain waters. In all my travels in Cebu, I have never seen the fountain with water. It was always dry and, well, seemingly forgotten. But the fountain, built in 1912, has always been there since the installation of the city's water system so it's baffling why the fountain's water spout isn't operational most of the time considering how many tourists come to visit the Queen City of the South.

On a pleasant night, people visit the park to unwind or pay homage to the city's "Grand Old Man". The fountain looks like some South American accoutrement in the middle of a plaza, laying claim to a historical site. Mostly though, it seems like it has been left to its own devices, but for a not-so-recent white paint job to mask the passage of time. .  

Since it's the heart of Cebu City, this fountain located at the roundabout park midway spanning Jones (Osmena Boulevard) might as well be Kilometer Zero.

Named after a Cebuano President, Sergio Osmena, Sr. who served as the second president of the Philippine Commonwealth, many tourists ignore it, oblivious of the fact that other than Magellan's Cross in the old quarters, this is the other iconic symbol of Cebu. And just FYI, "Fuente de Osmena" stands for "Osmena Fountain". There should be an eñe (ñ) but my keyboard doesn't have it and I'm too lazy to individually seek it out every time there's a need for one. Pardon this laziness.

Go visit Crown Regency's Extreme Adventure rides to get a breathtaking view of this roundabout. We shall feature this extreme ride in the succeeding posts.

Meanwhile, posted herewith are images I've taken from Ayala Mall on different occasions.

This is the Eye in the Sky!