Thursday, September 25, 2014

Kaishu - Delectable Dining at the NAIA Terminal 3 (Manila, Philippines)

Kaishu, a Japanese Restaurant, has been at the international pre-departure area of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 for a while now, but I've never tried the place until recently (September 2014). The reason being, the place looks more expensive than what you're willing to spend just before an overseas trip. I'd either do the fast food row at the food court or the San Mig Cafe located in the middle of the hallway just across Kaishu at the international pre-departure area.

However, San Mig's serving is mediocre at best, served on a styro. Bland food for PhP150. Kaishu ups the ante, if you're willing to add a hundred bucks more. This already includes soup and a glass of red iced tea. For PhP250, you can choose from a short list: karage (3rd photo), tempura (above) or tonkatsu (below). There are half a dozen more for options. Add an order of siomai (4 pieces) for PhP100 and you're good to go. Taste, preparation and service are top notch.

Kaishu is right across a relatively new show shop (September 2014) called "Rest Toe Run". A massage shop called SM Kenko Spa (there's another branch near the food court outside) is operating behind Kaishu (you go through the restaurant to get there). If you've enough time on your hands, then Kaishu is a good place to try. Remember though that plane trips should be taken a a moderately full stomach; not empty, but not full either. That way, you can sleep during your trip and not arrive at your destination feeling bloated. Not a good way to start your adventures.

This is the Eye in the Sky!



Chicken pork adobo.

Transitory garden at the departure hall. Sometimes, it's there. Sometimes it isn't.

"Res Toe Run", the country's first restaurant-inspired multi-brand shoe store, is the first shop to open in the otherwise empty row.

They've opened another wing (serving gates 1 to 8) so there are more boarding gates.

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