Saturday, September 6, 2014

Desert Abode in Khouri (Great Thar Desert, India)

Wouldn't you be enraptured with geometrically distinct abodes (above) made out of sandstones, right at the fringes of a desert?

I was fascinated no end. After a safari at the Great Thar Desert in north India, my camel owner took me to Khouri, a remote village in the desert. "Khouri" - that's how the sign post was written. But when I tried to look for any information about it, there's none to be found in the world wide web. Nada.

When I say "village", it would be in the context of a household operating within a community. But there weren't any other houses in the vicinity. It was like tapping a heel and you find a yellow brick road leading somewhere. Isn't that a joy?

This is the Eye in the Khouri Sky!

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