Friday, September 26, 2014

Turning Into an Icicle at Khustain Nuru's Ger Camp (Tov, Mongolia)

"Ger - traditional circular felt tent." 

Mongolian herders live in white ger camps characteristic in the country..

Sun setting over Khustain Nuru National Park. Most of the afternoon had been chilly, with winds pulling down the temperature scale. If there was ever a country used as a metaphor to freezers, Mongolia would be a candidate. In May, the chill is still unremitting. The solar panels from my ger camp helped a wee bit, but in the evening, without its solar power, everyone is set on a furnace fed with wood and, occasionally, charcoal. But it is hard to control the temperature. You're either shivering out of your wits or sweltering in 45 to 50 degree temperatures inside your camp. It isn't healthy.

That night, in my camp, I turned into an icicle.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

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