Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Last Royal Palace in Mandalay, Myanmar

I was actually anxious of Myanmar's military men so anything that had anything to do with a government post flashed red lights with me. Even the guards at the Mandalay Palace grounds, the bastion of the very last Burmese monarchy founded by King Mindon between 1857 and 1859. The whole complex is surrounded by thick walls and a lovely moat. From my observation, very few tourists seem to visit this place. Maybe it's the entrance fee? Maybe it's the long-standing recommendation from Lonely Planet and other travel guides (i.e. not to patronize any government institution), but that must have changed by now after the rise of Aung San Suu Kyi and her new democratic republic. Check out the photo above if you can spot anyone. I took this from a tower. Oops, I see my left hand in the frame. Dang! :)

Mandalay is the last royal capital of Burma and the second biggest city of Myanmar, located 716 kilometers  (445 miles) north of Yangon (Rangoon).

This is the Eye in the Sky!  

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