Sunday, June 1, 2014

Crimson Resort and Spa - Fantastic Buffet and Exciting Beach Living

If food is a major consideration in booking a resort visit for that special celebration, then Saffron Cafe's buffet spread is the place to be. There's just so much options spread across several tables. I'll let the photos speak for this. Beach activities, on the other hand, is an exciting array of leisure and sports activities so you can actually hop in from the beach to the cascading swimming pools - and back.

Snorkeling could be had in a nearby floating board. There's paragliding for one or a duo, if you require someone beside you. There are jet skis, kayaks and parasails. You can order snack or food beside the pool. There's a beachside bar as well.

The staff are very courteous, warm and accommodating. Aum Spa is open if you want a pampering or a massage, and I have to note that this spa has been declared as one of the world's best. If you're into relaxation and spas, this is the perfect place.


I was able to take a nap at one of the huge futons facing the beach while several Koreans and Chinese tourists frolicked with  Zumba at the swimming pool. More Koreans are seen at the beach and I keep thinking how the Koreans won't feel so lonely in the Philippines owing to the large number of Koreans especially in Cebu, Iloilo, Bohol and Bacolod. They even have schools in Davao.

During this Cebu trip, while queuing for taxi in SM, I noticed a dozen Koreans ahead of me and another dozen of unrelated Koreans behind me. They must love the Philippines so much because they swarm our lands; it is nothing short of spectacular. What can I say, I like Koreans too. They're mild mannered and relatively well behaved. What a classy lot! Meanwhile, the rest of the foreigners are Chinese high rollers, and here's hoping they don't get any ideas that any island near Cebu is part of the fantastically imaginative Nine-Dash Line as well. Who knows, in a years time, they'd suddenly find magical historical documents that extends the Nine-Dash Line to the other side of the Pacific.

If you have more queries, please do not inquire here. Check out their website: or email them :

This is the Eye in the Sky!

He's quite burned, isn't he?

Saffron Cafe

This is a landmark for your left turn from Soong Road on your way to Crimson Resort and Spa. Otherwise, it's easy to get lost. Many taxi drivers are not very familiar with Crimson.

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