Saturday, April 5, 2014

Parade of Monsters at the Gap Farming Resort, Davao City

In a written disclaimer on site, GAP Farming Resort is quick to point out that the management has no "ulterior motive" in presenting some of Philippine folklore's most colorful monsters, but for educational purposes. After all, it's hard to deny that "ma-maws" and "ungo" are part of every Filipino child's growing up stories. These fantastical creatures make up our traditional anti-heroes, not that we subscribe to the veracity of their existence. One upon a time, they have fired up our imagination.

GAP parades them in a special place at the farm: the kapre, manananggal, duwende, aswang, demonyo, nuno sa punso, diwata, higante, etc. Included in this homage of sort are the kuwago (owls), sawa (pythons), Angel de la Guwardia (guardian angel), even those shamans are represented in this small group. Dracula is a foreign guest monster by virtue of the fact that Pinoys embrace his legend as much as the local halimaws. Of course there are more regional monsters that deserve to be "immortalized" here like the sigbin, santelmo, kikik, but for now, these are the creatures that you'll find in this special portion of the GAP Farming Resort (aka GAP Farming and Orchard Resort) located in Green Meadow, Ma-a, Davao City. For more sections of GAP, separate features are posted in this blog's "vicinity". For more information, call (63-82) 244 0156.

This is the Eye in the Sky!


Dracula as "foreign guest monster"
Anghel de la Guardia
Demonyo ("demon")
Duwende ("dwarves")
Nuno sa Punso
Diwata ("nymph")

An overview of Gap Farming Resort

Lazy Giant

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