Thursday, April 24, 2014

Delectable Ribs and the Smirking Waitress at the Blue Elephant (IT Park, Cebu City)

Fruits and vegetables salad? Not really. It's a babyback with honey sauce at the Blue Elephant. I was mentally slapping myself for not having gone to Zubu Chon (an upscale lechon restaurant in IT Park) after a protracted wait for my order, but when it finally arrived, I was dumbfounded. This huge slab was just P180 which is actually worth around P400 at Racks. But it isn't even the size. Meat was superbly tender and tasty - and the sauce wasn't a sauce but a "soup" of lemony honey with a bit of a bite... a little piece of salivating heaven on Earth!

Blue Elephant is a specialty Thai restaurant operating in Bangkok and Pattaya, with branches in London and Brussels too, so I was surprised to find the franchise in Cebu City's yuppie land, I.T. Park in Lahug. My first time in the area was well worth it. P85 taxi going there from Jones, P8 jeepney ride going back.

Here's my babyback on our second visit. Notice how dry it is compared to the first one. :)

The third time I visited the place, I took my whole family with me, all the way from Manila. When I asked the waitress to have just a wee bit more sauce (the second time I was there, it was "dry"), she actually smirked! That was odd. I asked nicely. I did NOT impose! In my book, the customer pays for something he wants. In this case, he wanted his food served the way it was the first time he visited (see photo above for the first visit)! And what's a request from a paying family of 7 who flew all the way from Manila? Why else would I take my family there? Some employees definitely need a lesson on customer service - or a session of spanking. Kalami pitkan sa dalunggan.

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