Friday, March 7, 2014

Playing House in Trowulan, Indonesia

It was a production number to get to Trowulan, once the capital of the Majapahit empire in 14th century Java in Indonesia. A commuter bus took me here because no tour agencies offered trips from Surabaya (Indonesia's 2nd biggest city) which is one of the very few cities in the world I have vowed never to visit again - mainly because I got harassed by a security officer at the airport (from a sea of Muslim passengers deplaning, I, probably the lone Catholic in the plane, got picked for his merriment).

Trowulan was interesting. Not a lot of foreign tourists get here. I hired a tricycle-cum-tour guide (straight from their museum) to visit 6 or 7 ancient temples and ruins. In one of such places, I encountered these cute little ladies playing with mud cakes, as though they were baking. "Can I join you?" I smiled. And they laughed. I was welcomed, and got handed the green cup. If only those "candies" didn't look like turds. :)

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eye in the sky said...

Most of them are, that's for sure. ;)