Monday, March 17, 2014

Lost in the Maze at the Hampton Court Palace, England

When I visited Hampton Court Palace, I didn't know anything about the maze. What interested me more was its previous inhabitants: King Henry VIII who separated from the Roman Catholic Church because the church wouldn't allow him to divorce his queen Catherine of Aragon so he could marry Anne Boleyn, the temperamental queen successor who refused to be submissive to the head-strong king. Ironically, Boleyn was eventually beheaded.

The story here isn't about the royals but my foray in the palace's maze. It was at the tail end of my visit and I had a train to catch back to London. And by Jeeves, I started palpitating when I couldn't extricate myself out of it! Well, I did - eventually, or I wouldn't be writing about it here. It contains half a mile of paths so that can't be a walk in the park, can it?

Hampton Court Palace is located in the lovely Middlesex county at the outskirts of London. The point being: if you don't have all day to find your way out, try not to get lost - or at least, allot adequate time.

This is the Eye in the Sky!



Ramakrishnan said...

A complex maze indeed ! I am reminded of the Jantar Mantar in New Delhi !

eye in the sky said...

Hmmm. I'll keep that place in mind next time I get to visit Delhi. That would be interesting. :)

NRIGirl said...

Hello @Eye! You have been on my thoughts lately - since hearing of the strange disappearance of the Malaysian Airline flight. Has it affected your travels in any way?

That maze looks like fun - especially in the picture. Trying to imagine a lost palpitating you in the midst of it though is more entertaining! :)

eye in the sky said...

Haha. Well, that was heart-stopping because I didn't want to buy another ticket. Money during such travels are "limited" and you don't want unnecessary expenses.

Re: travels, it had been on my mind - the disappearance. Fortunately, it hasn't affected me yet but I am sure there have been several inconvenienced by the whole suspenseful drama. It's actually scary.