Friday, August 5, 2011

Chilling Out at McKinley Hill - Fort Bonifacio

Taguig City, Metro Manila - I've often wondered what McKinley Hill is like. It's this prime property that I usually get to pass through from the airport. Located in a Taguig City township, it's a property development within Fort Bonifacio that houses several big corporations: HP, Canon; World Square Buildings are home of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies; embassies are also found here (Korea and the UK); Internationals Schools (Korean, Chinese, Enderun).

I've recently visited McKinley Hill which has a lot of space for parking. The accouterments around are tasteful enough; the building gleams with graceful arches and porticos. There's an open ground with a space and a stage (a band was playing before an almost non-existent crowd).The main hall of the commercial complex has a dome decorated by what would seem like stained glass (pictured below). It has two-stories filled with restaurants: fine-dines (Pho Hoa, Gerry's Grill) and fastfood (KFC); Asian, Italian, etc. But on a Wednesday evening, a few minutes before clock strikes 10, these shops were already closing down! It was amazing how such a place could close so early.

I was told that there are shuttle cars running from here and Market Market and/or Ayala. These shuttles are important because I am not aware of any public utility transportation this side of town. Either go there by car, or you'd have to wait a long time for a taxi... and I mean a "long time". I asked a friend why a company like HP would prefer a place like McKinley Hill which seems too remote from the hustle of Makati nearby. "Rent for space is very cheap," my friend said. That is a valid factor. I doubt though if a place such as this is easily marketable to a larger crowd or wider demographic. But then that's what they said about Eastwood City several years ago. Who knows.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Beautifully lit!

Perfect when you want a not-so-late (most shops close at 10) date in a place without much people!

A band played on!

Fountain leading towards the open parking.


Trotter said...

Hi Eye! It seems that everybody is on holidays... ;) Here it’s true, but someone has to stay... ;)

Looks great, but shops clossing at 10 doesn't make much sense for our standards here.. ;)

Blogtrotter Two is preparing to leave St. Florent. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!!

eye in the sky said...

Same here. If its a metropolis where a good number of the population is nocturnal, then a place that closes shop at 10 doesn't make sense. :->

Unknown said...

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eye in the sky said...

Thank you for your very generous and kind words. I am flattered. :->