Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Phnom Penh International Airport Part 2 - Departure Hall Shops

I probably belong to a small slice of the population who does not enjoy window shopping (or shopping, for that matter) at the airport. The most that I want to do is get through check-in, immigration and the final pre-boarding formalities. I am happy just waiting there - for hours! I have mastered the art of amusing myself between waits. I once had a waiting time that stretched for 12 hours while waiting for my re-scheduled connecting flight from Hong Kong to London. Count that! I can wait til kingdom come, as long as I am assured of my onward connection. These solitary travels have taught me that. But shopping? It's not in my genetic make-up to go crazy over duty-free counters.

However, I have made it a point to feature airports as a means of orienting fellow travelers who visit the airports that I navigate. I guess it somehow calms them - knowing that they have an iota of familiarity in these frenetic environment where people constantly move. For this leg, I have turned the flash off (PPIA was once known to have strict airport officials not very keen on shutter-crazy tourists) thus the poor quality of the following shots: no flash, no tripod, hurried maneuvers.

Phnom Penh International Airport (PPIA), since its refurbishments, has blossomed into a little shopping haven. Its very first client - the Dairy Queen - has since had her fellow concessionaires.

For dining, you have the Taste of Asia, FCC Bar and Deli Paris situated beside each other. There's a generic Coffee Shop, Ambre, Amata Aromatherapy and Spa Products (with a massage lounge), Bambou, Dufry (Duty Free Retail shops), Ezi Wear and Travel, Cheong Kwan Jang - Korean Red Ginseng, Monument Books, Smateria, Water Lily, Soma Farm, Stef Happy Cambodia Souvenirs (one of my favorite shops).

The pre-boarding hallway is small, and has 2 areas with working computers (two of them) for your fast online requirements - yes, free! Wifi is available in the hallway. There are two ATM Machines - Cambodia Public Bank and CAB Bank. Bangkok Airways has a lounge all its own.

As I've mentioned before, much of your transit here at the airport will be relaxed and fast. Even the Immigration officers, though mostly smileless, don't badger or ask for irrelevant questions. I wasn't asked anything, like my previous visits here.

I like it that way.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

This is the security check (with x-ray machines) immediately after the Immigration Counters at the second floor.

Churning of the sea of milk? I think I saw a frieze of this one at Beng Mealea.

Boarding gate number 8 at the extreme end of the hallway, near one of the free computers.

My Air Asia flight to Bangkok was to board from Gate number 5.

Text busy!


Proceed to the Visa counters if you're applying for on-site visa. If you already have a visa, proceed to one of the Immigration Desks. Once stamped in, the baggage conveyors are just a few meters away. Walk through Customs, then out your exit. Taxis and tuktuk drivers are waiting outside.

Baggage conveyors

For more information on Cambodian Airports:

My airport pick-up; a car ride worth $12 to my first hotel.

Facade of Phnom Penh International Airport's Arrival Hall.


Ola said...

So I am among the majority-I love shopping at the airport:)

eye in the sky said...

You are part of the majority, absolutely. Haha

Twin said...

You were patient with us shopping at Aldevinco haha :)

eye in the sky said...

It's called hospitality. :->

Twin said...

Hahaha. Since my sis was an undecided shopper that time (during your hospitable mood), we went back after a few months & finally bought the item. The Muslim drum is now happily settled in Canada hehe :)

klatchiancoffee said...

I am one of those who believe that shopping in airports is a sport - one needs to run thru all the shops, make a choice, and make a mad dash to the tarmac ;)

eye in the sky said...

@ Twin: Lucky drum!

@ klatchiancoffee: That cracked me up! I think the compulsion to shop is deeply rooted in women's genetic make-up. Haha