Monday, February 7, 2011

NAIA Terminal 3 - Getting Through the Pre-Departure Area (2011) - Part 4 of 5

"Like a diamond in the sky..."

A few minutes before taking off, and you're rushing to your pre-departure gates. But wait, you learn that it's been delayed for 30 minutes. What's there to do?

There are options here at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3. Right after the final pre-departure check and baggage inspection (seen above), there is a photo exhibit of the works of John Chua (hosted by Cebu Pacific) that features awe-inspiring aerial views of idyllic Philippine sights. I was going to feature some of them here, but I thought it would divert away from the topic on NAIA 3. Or you can still try that delicious Italian ice cream at P140 a scoop (check out the Pre-Departure Shops on our next post). As of May 4, 2015, there's a new CD-R King branch just across Boarding Gate 20. For now, here are images of where you will be going... before your plane leaves.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

X-ray check: take off your shoes, leave the liquids behind, take those buckles, cell phones and coins off as well. This is the final X-ray check before you head to your respective gates.

CD-R King shop at the domestic predeparture area.

Cancer Society, ooops, I mean "Smoking Lounge". I finally got the name - "Stop n Fly Cafe" - written with a chalf on blackboard! Classy! It's located near Gate 119. The waft and stink of the cigars filter through the non-smoking pre-departure lounge. Very bad!

Now this seating arrangement has been changed to a more space-saving row-by-row style.

Final call!

Diamond in the rough - at the roundabout just across the airport complex.


And just so you avoid delays, if you're taking a meal or snack at the Food Court, we feel we need this special mention. Avoid Mary Grace Cafe. The place is messy, the servers take forever to serve you and they forget orders.

Makati City's skyline

St. Peter's Chapel and St. Therese Columbarium - that toffee-colored church finally has a name. It's located just across Resort's World.

Going somewhere.

For specific inquiries, here are some important telephone numbers and email addresses at T3:

Airport Trunkline+63.2.877-7888
Asst. Terminal
Lost & Found+63.2.877-7888
Bureau of Animal Industry+63.2.877-7888 loc.8238/
Bureau of Customs+63.2.877-7888 loc.8127/
Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources+63.2.877-7888 loc.8238/
Bureau of Immigration+63.2.877-7888 loc.8128/
Bureau of Plant Industry+63.2.877-7888 loc.8238/
Bureau of Quarantine+63.2.877-7888 loc.8125/
DENR Wildlife Traffic Monitoring Unit+63.2.877-7888 loc.8238/
Philippine Overseas Employment Adminnistration+63.2.877-7888
Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority+63.2.877-7888 loc.8159
Customer Relations
Passenger & Customer Relations+63.2.877-7888 loc.
Terminal Administration+63.2.877-7888 loc.
Terminal Security & Safety+63.2.877-7888 loc.


Unknown said...

I wouldn't wonder if we'll gonna get strayed in NAIA... It's so huge! We will be flying on Sep22 and i'm thinking what will gonna happen to us in Manila.

Nice... NAIA is a picture of sophisticated international airport.

eye in the sky said...

You will be fine, I'm sure. Despite the size, things around Arrival Area is pretty much basic.

NAIA 3 is a fine airport. Make sure though that your airlines is either Cebu Pacific or Air Phil Express. Otherwise, you'll be arriving at the NAIA Terminal 2.

Be safe and enjoy Manila! ;->

abrahamdsl said...

thanks to your blog, I am now getting an idea on my "buwis buhay plan" - my flight leaves on 0455 at NOV 30, and I don't have nearby residence nor can stay in a hotel so just gotta "camp" by 11PM the previous day na lang..


eye in the sky said...

"Buwis Buhay Plan"? LOL. It intrigues me. Wanna elaborate to kill my curiosity? I just did something like that a week ago in Suvarnabhumi International (I am in Laos as I write this) and stayed from 1AM til my flight departure to Ubon Ratchathani) and just wandered around, and even slept on the floor (though there are several "chairs" around).

There are several places you can stay in NAIA Terminal 3; several waiting areas around so you will be comfortable alongside other travelers. The problem: I was dead sleepy the whole day next day. LOL

Safe travels.

abrahamdsl said...

ho ho ho. i do not open my gmail account daily so ngayon ko lang nakita na nagreply ka. :)

hehe. I called it "Buwis Buhay" since ganun nga, balak kong pumunta ng T3 kinagabihan pa lang (I'm from LB, Lagun)at magtigil until magopen ang check-in counter at about 03 AM, in addition to the fact nga, na tulad ng nangyari sa iyo "dead sleepy the whole day next day". HAHAHA.

Anyway, since that early morning flight was moved due to disruption, Cebu Pacific said pwede daw ako pumili ng ibang flight and/or ireroute na lang sa nearest alternate stations.

eye in the sky said...

@ abraham:

I actually thought "buwis buhay" had something to do with a suicide mission that included sacrificing a limb or an appendage. Haha. At least, it's an adventure you can tell your friends about. Hate it when it happens though since it disrupts schedules.

abrahamdsl said...

nyaks. ang tindi naman ng idea mo. hehehehe.