Monday, September 14, 2009

Images from Dos Palmas

It takes an hour to get to the island resort from the wharf . En route to the 24-hectare island of Arrecife, a guide will annotate and point to some of the 15 islands and sand bars that you will see along the way. This includes Bat Island, which is home to 1,500 bats; Cawi Island which has several shells.

In this post, we shall let the images speak for themselves. They convey so much more than any written word. This is the Eye in the Sky visiting Dos Palmas for the 3rd time.

This is Area 6 or Isla Puting Buhangin, Dos Palmas' sister isle. It's a 10-15 minute boat ride north of Dos Palmas. There was once a time when a day tour included free ride to Area 6. I've been here twice. These days, you have to shell out PhP4,000. In-house guests with at least 2 overnights get this service for free. This tadpole-tail sand bar (see below) gradually disappears in late afternoon.

The resort's main swimming pool.

Except for television, this is your tatsefully decorated 2-story Beach Villa.

Each cottage boasts of a terrace.

As I was roaming around the island, I chanced upon a huge pig sty. There must have been more than a dozen pigs. Though the place looked clean and didn't smell, ALL the pigs badly needed bathing.

Resort spa.

This is Marley, the house pet! She sits serenely at the Souvenir Shop. You can pet her, as she blankly stares at each shop visitor.

This is the resort's other swimming pool located in front of the spa, to the right of the main lobby.

Heavy rains delayed our return to the mainland. I was starting to get worried.

Before we finally left, the rains finally stopped.

FYI: Despite the many transfers, Dos Palmas is very accessible even to our disabled friends. I once visited Dos Palmas with a friend who was walking in crutches. You can also inform them beforehand if you need further assistance. They have a nurse on duty, and a doctor who is on call from Puerto Princesa for any medical eventualities. (Yup, no in-house physicians.)

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