Saturday, September 12, 2009

Food Tripping and Flower Overdose in Dos Palmas Palawan

That sinfully crunchy bite of lechon kawali...

Among my favorite Dos Palmas moments are my date at the buffet table and the constant assault of ubiquitous flower decorations! It seems as though the resort has decided to overdose on flowers, with mostly red gumamelas strewn across tables, walls, posts, massage gurneys, desks, lounging chairs, toilet urinals and even on food trays at the buffet table. These flowers are just everywhere. Surely, they would have to stock up on their fortnightly supply of these flowers, since Arrecife Island doesn’t seem to culture them extensively.

As for the food, lunch buffet is included in the day tour fee (PhP2,500 at peak, PhP1,800 off-peak). Most gastronomic delights are supplied at 2 rows of tables gracing the restaurant, although from my last 3 visits, I haven’t encountered much seafood which is ironic as it is, after all, an island resort, surrounded by the vastness of the freshest ocean environment (well, except for salmon which was plentiful).

Yes, there are no shrimps and clams, crabs or lobsters, which is sad. Maybe they reserve those more expensive items for the night time table? Maybe not! One thing is sure: They will surely be available for ala carte orders! There are some varieties of fish and the occasional stuffed squid or calamari. But there is so much to choose from that absence of the aforementioned goes almost unnoticed. There is the sinfully delectable, crunchy lechon kawali, along with an array of local dessert delicacies from the likes of pitsi-pitsi, cassava cake, etc. Lunch starts at 11:30AM and ends at 2PM. Local performers sing acoustic ditties all through lunch. A group of Korean tourists kept cheering them on, while i couldn't be bothered. LOL. Cola drinks and alcoholic beverages aren’t included in the package, but potable drinking water flows eternal – from very observant and perceptive waiters. Bringing canned drinks from outside the resort may result into corkage fees – so, don’t!

This is the Eye in the Sky.

Grilled chicken (lechon manok)

Salmon and steak

Fruits of the season: oranges, pineapple, apple, watermelon. Where are the mangoes?

Stuffed egg on tomato. I was salivating just looking at this. Funny thing is, I don't even like tomatoes.

Potato salad

They call this the palatok.

Squares of Cassava cake.

The 2nd buffet table: salads, fries, etc.

My 2nd plate. I could be guilty of gluttony here by having so much, but it isn't that much, is it?

Flowering Fire Tree adorns the altar.

Petals scatter among a garden of thorny aloe plants.

What are these? Once ripe enough. they crack open and out pops the seeds to sort of pollinate.

Tiger-inspired orchid flower.

Abloom and isolated.

Gumamela (Hibiscus rosa sinensis) on a thatched roof.

Birds of Paradise in a bouquet.

Buko (coconut fruits) on a dwarf tree standing as tall as 4 feet.

Gumamela (Hibiscus) is found everywhere, even at the toilet.

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