Monday, August 24, 2009

Baker's Hill v.02 - Palawan Chronicles Part 4

It was past 1 PM when I reached Baker’s Hill. The first thing that I noticed was the modern multi-level house that stood at the front of the complex. Just beside it was the souvenir shop. I stepped inside and immediately noticed the inviting barbeque sticks on display at the nearby carinderia (small food shop). Fifteen pesos per stick ($0.30)? Without batting an eyelash, I ordered 2 sticks and a cup of rice, only to realize while waiting for food that there was a restaurant just a few paces behind my stone-on-concrete table and chair – the fine-dine Twigs Restaurant. I peeked inside and saw an American family dining. Oh well, there’s always a next time. Barbeque turned out to be very tasty – and rather unbelievably cheap!

After late lunch, I was all set to roam the tree-lined, flora-bustling park grounds. Beautifully landscaped, even the hedges and the shrubs were sculpted. Despite the lush vegetation, the whole surrounding was neat. There’s hardly any trace of litter and leaves that have gathered for more than a day! This place is well maintained! Colorful concrete sculptures of animals (parrots in abundance), cartoon characters, Marilyn Monroe, pirates, frogs and even dinosaurs stood everywhere. It would be a treat for kids and the kids-at-heart. Did I mention that there’s no entrance fee involved? The catch is that there may be corkage fee for food and drinks bought from outside, which is really understandable. This visit turned out to be one of my favorites while revisiting Puerto Princesa.
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This is the Eye in the Sky.

Captain Jack frozen...

A parade of freshly picked flowers float atop a pond.

A complete set of pearl accessories - earings, necklace and a ring - at PhP200. I haggled and even got a set for just PhP150 ($3).

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