Saturday, January 17, 2009

Venus Fly Traps, World Peace and KL's Independence Square

I had a convivial chat with Olga, a Ukrainean girl who was walking around the area covering Merdeka Square aka Independence Square in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. She was gazing at the Sultan Abdul Samad Building. Several other colonial-era buildings rise from the area, but the Square has historical significance among the locals. After all, this was where the declaration of independence happened some 51 years ago (August 31, 1957). My impression of the structure had been duly suspended as I was nursing a minor sprain after alighting from my cab earlier. Moreover, this was my second visit in the area within a year.

We hopped to the opposite block where the gardens were. There was their tallest flag nearby, but Olga, bless her heart, got crazy having her photos taken with the gilded gigantic replica of the venus-fly-trap. It was imposing. Even Jakarta’s very own Merdeka Square has replicas of the same plant. We should have the same species displayed at Luneta so as to foster regional unity and cooperation, don’t you think? I told Olga this and she took a moment to consider it. “And in my country too,” she added as she wrinkled her nose. I laughed, but halted as she sported an introspective look. She was serious and I was half joking. Yeah!
She then suggested we find our way back to KLCC as she wasn’t happy with the photos she took last night. But I declined. We exchanged email addresses, then I reminded her to agree on a 5 ringgit taxi fare to avoid having to haggle. Meanwhile, I was to catch a movie at Berjaya Times Square.

It is always a nice experience meeting friendly strangers from half way across the globe. And though fleeting friendships like these can be superficial, it does underline the possibility of universal cooperation. Olga was right. The idea doesn’t have to be a light hearted joke. Maybe we CAN start planting venus-fly-traps. Now where do I get a seedling?

Sultan Abdul Samad Building

Supposedly the world's tallest hoisted flag, it stands oppsoite the Sultan Abdul Samad Building.

The gilded venus fly trap replica at the Merdeka gardens.

A small Catholic Church in the vicinity of the Independence Square.

This is the Eye in the Sky.

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