Thursday, July 1, 2010

Seagull Inland Resort Revisited - Guihing, Davao del Sur

We first visited Barangay Guihing's Seagull Inland Resort a couple of years ago and we were pleasantly surprised to find such an establishment of its kind in Davao del Sur. When we were finally able to explore Davao del Sur, we made sure we dropped by Seagull Inland Resort to check it out once again.

The place doesn't seem as well maintained as it used to. The cobbly road going to the main hall was lined by grass that needed weeding, but the rest of the facilities looked exactly the same. The pine trees have grown, casting a shadow on the pavement. There was a single family waddling in the swimming pool waters. There was no one else there. Several edifices near the entrance have mushroomed; they weren't there the last time we visited. The huge white tourist cart was nowhere in sight so it must have been decommissioned.

Yup, there's no entrance fee for visitors, but if you plan for a dip in the pool, a cheap fee is to be paid at the counter. The sun was bearing down its wrath, but when we ordered for a cold diet coke, we were told they only had the regular coke (which was fine by me).

We walked towards the fenced ostrich farm and saw several of those long necked creatures, each one looking menacing. I do not like ostriches. They seem to charge forward without due intimidation. I am fearful of their beaks. Grrr...

This is the Eye in the Sky.

Frangipani aka calachuchi

Children's Playground

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Everlito (ever) Villacruz said...

gumaganda ang bawat lugar sa mga kuha mo pards.. para akong namamasyal..

teka bakit may nuno sa punso dun..:)