Friday, July 9, 2010

Rainy KL Beckons into Luscious Cherry Memories and Petronas Wonderment

Lightnight strikesover KL. This photo only courtesy of

KL, Malaysia - It had been drizzling all darn day! And most of my early start was wasted by supersonic loud old chinese ladies who spoke as though everyone on the bus was deaf. Later that day, my arrogance got the better of me when I actually realized I got lost trying to find Pasar Seni station. When I finally trudged through Jalan Petaling, the place - at 10 PM - was packed with curious tourists. All that crowd and no one was buying. I saw ripe cherries somewhere within Chinatown's chaos - at 25 ringgit per half a kilo - so I bought one. I have missed this sweet fleshy fruit. My London days are gradually turning into cobwebbed memories, but these cherry memories keep haunting me.

Jalan Pudu seemed ghostly and commerce in the area has been greatly affrected by the closure of Puduraya Bus Station which is being refurbished. My dilemma is, where do I get my bus rides to Cameron Highlands and Melaka? I was told by the guy at my hotel that I was to go to Bukit Jalil, just a few stops from the Pudu train station. The usual throng of dazed caucasians were, now, mere trickles. No wonder, business in the area has been gravely affected.

I was actually amazed with the richness of activities that I had partaken. After all, this was my 5th arrival in Kuala Lumpur since January this year. I wasn't meant to get bored in KL.

If the randomness of my thoughts skip by misdirected targets, it is because I am dead tired, albeit smug - and my internet service is annoyingly running out on me.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Lake Titiwangsa. This photo only courtesy of

Petronas Twin Towers - never a tired sight!

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