Sunday, July 18, 2010

Melakan Stories – A Rude, Old & Ugly Melakan Stole My Table

One rude Malaysian!

Melaka, West Coast Malaysia – After a satisfying, albeit strenuous climb up St. Paul’s Church (it used to be Our Lady of Annunciation during the Portuguese era circa 1521), I decided to just leisurely walk down the hill and head to the Palahwan Square - Melaka Megamall. Since it was past 2 PM already, I decided to take my lunch there before heading back to the Bus Station.

I was amused with the bas relief display at the indoor fountain, populated with a good number of famished fish – and a cornucopia of historically significant images related to this Dutch-Portuguese city! So was I, famished, I told myself! I headed towards the inviting restaurant/kafe called “Classic Kopitiam” – kopitiam should mean “coffee house” if I am not mistaken. The place was almost full, except for the set of tables near the entrance door.

The waiter was clearing the left-over clutter so I stood before the tables, waiting for the waiter to clear them! Five minutes into my wait, an old pudgy man – ugly as f__ck – made his way between the waiter and me; he started speaking Bahasa authoritatively so I figured he must be an owner or regular customer! Who the fuck cares! Fact is, I was there first and that table was obviously mine! Before I knew what was happening, he pulled a chair and sat where I was to sit! A couple of minutes more, a lady – all covered with a shawl - and some children joined him! Without even glancing my way, this old ugly fart owned up the table that I so patiently waited for! The nerve!

It just goes to show how manners cannot be learned even by old age or decades of being ugly – and fat!


Is there a lesson to be learned from this experience? Not really! Except that I am sure I have several cars back home and that didn’t help me get the table I patiently waited for. LOL. Charge it to experience.

Respect the elders, the senile and the demented? Errr, but respect is not imposed. As Ms. Bea Saw once emphatically said, you have to deserve it!

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Classic Kopitiam serving inexpensive but delectable meals.

Exquisitely cooked chicken meal, done "classic" style as they described it at the menu.

Bas relief surrounds this beautiful fountain right at the heart of the mall near the south entrance.


pamatayhomesick said...

hayaan mo na pards...dito talaga makikita ang kaibahan ng ugaling pinoy!...may respeto tayo sa kapwa!

eye in the sky said...

Salamat, Ever. Just needed to let off steam coz it wasn't right what he did. So I figured he might as well be immortalized in my blog - just the way he deserves it. Sabi nga nila, "Hell hath no fury... like a scorned blogger!" Haha

Anonymous said...

hi there,

i'm here, after viewing your posting in thorn tree travel forum, Accommodations, Sightseeing Tips in Labuan 22-Jul-2010.

i'm a malaysian, and very embarassed with our malaysian attitude. we call it "kiasu", i don't know what's it called in english, but basically it's selfishness. have you seen malaysian drivers on the malaysian roads? we have no road manners & totally ignorant of other drivers on the road!

About labuan, on accomodation, ASV Backpacker Lodge is good enough. don't bother to look for others. Melati Inn got mentioned in lonely planet but single room starts at RM60. Avoid Hotel Southern at all cost!

Kota Kinabalu, MY

eye in the sky said...

Thanks, Ron. Great suggestion on ASV Backpacker Lodge and Melati Inn. Noted.

Kiasu huh. I love Malaysia, and for the most part, I find the people a very disciplined lot compared to others within the region. I have extensively traveled so I think I am in a good place to pass judgment (or at least a decent opinion) - and I do salute Malaysians. But yeah, I agree with your thought on Malaysian road manners. Haha. And I didn't appreciate being treated rudely by that old guy in Melaka, which is too bad, coz Melaka now is a favorite place after having visited twice!

I have yet to visit Kota Kinabalu though so I am looking forward to that.

Thanks for the message.