Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Putrajaya - Visiting Malaysia's Administrative Capital Impresses Once Again

This photo only courtesy of www.photoburst.net's saeed salem.

Putrajaya - A lot has changed since I first visited Putrajaya a few years ago. There is now a KLIA Transit, instead of the KLIA Express, to service the twin city of Putrajaya and Cyberjaya. The Putrajaya Station doesn't seem ghostly anymore, and there's a long queue of buses that waits to shuttle visitors and commuters to town. Moreover, there are new structures and sites in this federal administrative capital, such as the State Landmark, a glistening structure at the top of a hill where an awesome view of the whole Putrajaya can be seen.

My bus took the route from the bridge near the Prime Minister's Residence, the complete opposite of where Seri Wawasan Bridge is, which was good, since I haven't visited this area the last time. This city of about 50,000 residents is targetting an influx of 300,000 people, but the new residential structures are mostly "empty shells". I am intrigued that there are only 3 self-governing cities in Malaysia - KL, Putrajaya and what was called "an oddball of an island" called Labuan. Fascinating! How do I get there?

From the overlooking promenade which was a bit of a climb from the nearest waiting shed, I took photos of the inspiring sprawl of the new city. I crossed the road then walked towards the PM's Residence - eye-catching with its grandiose facade and blue copula. From there, it's a leisurely walk towards Putra Mosque, with its huge gleaming pink central copula and some half a dozen minarets or more. Improperly attired visitors are tasked to wear a very pink robe! LOL

As the sun was bearing down its heat, I decided to take a taxi to the nearby Putrajaya Boulevard - at just 8 ringgit! Gone are the hundreds of flowers! What used to be a desolate lakeside is now bustling with life! There is - now - a river cruise service at 35 ringgit per person.

To my mind, Malaysia has got to be one of the fastest growing nations in the world. During this trip, I have revisited Malacca and Putrajaya and each one has shown an exponential rate of growth. I am just simply impressed. These cities that I once visited as fledgling metropolis are absolutely new cities to me! There's so much construction, people have come in throngs, and everything else has been made accessible. It is so much easier - and even cheaper - to visit them. And I would like to congratulate the Malaysian people for such spectacular success. I take my hats off to you, guys. If only they take such excellence in their filmmaking skills. Hahaha.

Have you seen this new comedy film called "Zoo"? Though the visuals are top notch, the story is a potpourri of tired slapstick jokes about talking animals and kidnapping villains. This is a film that heavily employs contorted faces, diarrhea jokes, bad Michael Jackson impersonations, and all the triteness dated 1970. The four movies I have seen early March and April this year were also horrible fodder. What's the big deal? Why can't impressive Malaysians make good movies?
A bus ride from Putrajaya Sentral (take Bus no. 100 or 300 - and tell the driver where you plan to go) will cost you a measly 50 cents. Just be sure you have adequate change - as they do not give change!

Next time, it will be Cyberjaya, Putrajaya's twin city.

This is the Eye in the Sky.

Seri Wawasan Bridge, one of the crowning glories of this 9,400 hectare city!


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