Sunday, May 3, 2015

MIASCOR Lounge (Davao International Airport)

You know how you constantly get these credit card offers in your emails about special offers that are too good to be true? Like getting a free scoop of ice cream if you purchase something worth PhP10,000. Just a lot of passing gas; a waste of email space, if you ask me. A few months ago, I completely ignored an offer from Diners Club International and Security Bank Mastercard. If you have one of those two credit cards, you have the privilege to avail of the MIASCOR Elite Lounge at the Davao International Airport on your flight out of the city. Soon, even NAIA Terminal 3 will have its own MIASCOR lounge.

On my recent departure from Davao City, I noticed a tarpaulin advertising the MIASCOR Elite Lounge which probably has been there since last year. Since I usually transit fast in this airport, I hardly have time for a leisurely roam.

This time I did so I decided to check out this lounge. I presented my Diners at the counter by the door, the charming counter lady logged me in, and in no time, I was inside this bright lounge with a color palette consisting of reds, grays and egg white.

The lounge can accommodate 21; has a storage room for your coat and baggage, desks with two-prong sockets for your charging requirement. The front desk will also provide you wifi password. As if that wasn't enough, this adequately airconditioned room offers delectable hot food and snacks, all part of your entry, including your choice of canned drinks (Coca Cola, Coke Zero, orange and pineapple drinks, San Mig beer pale pilsen). If you prefer coffee, tea or hot chocolate, they're available as well. There are cupcakes and cookies, bread with butter or jam spreads, banana cakes, etc. There's a congee (lugaw), a spaghetti bolognese, etc. It's a self-serve room so you have to try to keep the place neat, at the very least. I got a delectable ham and potato chowder, a buko pandan cupcake and a Coke in can. Yum!

There's a cable TV and a choice of tabloids and magazines on display. I must have stayed there for 40 minutes and I was the only one the whole time. If you don't have the aforementioned credit cards, you can also avail of the lounge for a price of PhP380 ($8.60).

Update as of May 11, 2015:

MIASCOR Elite Lounge allows free entry/use to only Diners Club International credit card holders. A tarpaulin that includes Security Bank doesn't "fly" anymore. Other free users include Silk Air guests, Dragon Air guests, and members of "Airport Angel". Yes, NAIA Terminal 1 in Manila allows free use of the MIASCOR Lounge for Citibank Credit Card holders, but not in Davao. During my recent departure, this lounge was filled to capacity by outgoing Silk Air guests.

MIASCOR Lounge is run by the Manila International Airport (MIA) authority. It is located at the 2nd floor of the Davao International Airport (beside a Foreign Exchange shop), accessible through the escalator, after your check-in formalities. It is open daily from 4 AM to 10 PM.

This is the Eye in the Sky.

Ham and potato chowder

A coke and my pandan cupcake.

A palette of red, gray and egg white make for a truly comfortable space.

Serve yourself. Your pick. You can even have as much as you can.


Beverage counter

P.S. As of this posting, only Diners Club credit card holders will be allowed in for free. Wonder what happened to Security Bank Mastercard offer.

You need to charge your phone, iPad, laptop?

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kjec15_wanders said...

How about Citi Cardholders which are also accepted at NAIA's Miascor Lounges.

eye in the sky said...

That's true. Citicard holders (plus 1 guest) are accepted at the NAIA Terminal 1 MIASCOR Lounge. In Davao, however, only Diners Club credit card holders are allowed in for free (others can pay PhP380). There's a tarpaulin at the escalator that enumerates card holders enjoying such privilege. This includes Diners and some Privilege Cards. No other credit card company - as of this writing.

Czarina said...

Hello there,

I have Security Bank Diners Club credit card. Can I still get into these lounges even if I bought my plane tickets using other credit card? I can't use Diners Club in paying for my plane tickets even if I want to because there is no payment option for Diners Club/Discover on Cebu Pacific or PAL websites.
Thanks for your reply!

eye in the sky said...


No worries. Purchase isn't a requirement for entrance to these lounges. You only need to show your Diners Club credit card, they'll log you in and get your details, then that's it. :)

Unknown said...

I have a Star Alliance Gold Card and I fly business class with SilkAir. Will that give me free access?

eye in the sky said...

Dear Unknown:

Silk Air clients, business class or otherwise, enjoy free access (as of this writing) to the MIASCOR Lounge. There's free food and beverage (coffee, tea, drinks, beer, etc.), you can read papers, good wifi, etc.